With Christmas just around the corner it’s that time of year where me and Miss K try and come up with some amazing presents for each other. Whether they are thoughtful presents or funny novelty ones, we always try to make sure at least one of our presents to each other is sexy and naughty.

As you may have already seen Miss K’s “For Her” Gift List (Ideal for any guy struggling to know what to get) I thought it be only right for me to help you ladies out. Being a guy, I know we can be quite difficult to buy for. The older we get the more generic the gifts get. Whether it’s socks, underwear, DVD’s or the Lynx Africa gift set that you get from that relative who doesn’t know you well enough. So if you’re struggling to buy your other-half something and fancy going a bit on the kinky side then have a look at my suggestions below.

The items you will see below have either been tried or tested by us over the last year of XtraCurricular OR are the presents I’d love to get from Miss K this year (HINT HINT).

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1) The PULSE – £68.95

Of all the toys we’ve reviewed, this has to be my favourite! It’s a very unique vibrator or “Guybrator” as the creators at Hot Octopuss have coined. The PULSE is a revolutionary male vibrator that uses oscillating technology to create a unique, intense experience for the user. The PULSE wraps around the penis and stimulates the most sensitive area of the penis, the frenulum.

The PULSE is an amazing product that really does offer toe-curling orgasms, what’s more it’s not just for us guys! You girls can benefit from the vibrations by sitting on top while it’s wrapped around his penis. Buy him this for Christmas and he’ll love you forever, and you’ll get some benefits from it too!


The PULSE the amazing Guybrator!

2) REV1000 – £99.99

The REV1000 is an interesting premium looking masturbator and one I’d love to try (HINT HINT).

Boasting 49 different pleasure combinations, a custom built Japanese motor; it’s fully rechargeable (40 mins of continuous running time) and easy to take apart meaning it’s quick to clean.

Inside the REV1000 you will find soft textured pleasure nodules that help add intense stimulation during use. I’ve watched a couple of videos for the REV1000 and the speeds this masturbator gets to seem insane!

The REV1000 looks extremely powerful, modern and well made and is a great premium masturbator to treat your loved one. At £100 it may seem pricey, but when you consider the average price of a premium female sex toy the REV1000 is actually a bargain.

The Rev1000

The Rev1000

3) Hello Touch by Jimmy Jane – £39.95

My next suggestion is ideal for any guy whose a bit of a gadget geek! Introducing the Hello Touch! I like to class it as the toy Iron Man would design if he made sex toys!

The battery and controller attaches to the wrist, with small wires up the back and two vibrating pods that attach to your fingertips. The two vibrators may look dainty but are actually extremely impressive, and with it’s versatile form, the vibes can be used all over the body.

The wrist strap is made of soft material with a slot for the controller and is slipped over the hand onto the wrist. The controls are easy to use and obvious on the controller, the wire is light and extremely thin and the vibrators themselves are body-safe and phthalate-free medical-grade platinum silicone. The whole of this toy is waterproof; shower-ready and washable.

This dainty glove is ideal for those who enjoy having fun in the shower!

We're no hand models so here's the promo shot

Jimmy Jane’s Hello Touch

4) One use Masturbators: TENGA Egg (£7.99) and TENGA Deep Throat (£11.85)

These next two are ideal as little stocking fillers and are one use masturbators by TENGA.

The TENGA Egg is made from a super stretchy latex-free material called Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This is an extremely stretchy material that can be used to fit over the penis like a condom, and can be stretched down the length of the penis and around the head to give some extremely pleasurable sensations to the lucky guy using it! It comes with lube and easy-to-use instructions, as well as with many different internal textures. This is a one-use toy, so is mainly used for his treat or novelty gift.

The TENGA Deep Throat Onacup is a similar masturbator to the TENGA Egg but with a couple more features. This is a larger version, with integrated Air Hole to create different intensities of tightness. The Onacup also features different levels of nubs and ripples and a lotion reservoir to ensure the point of insertion is kept moist.

Both these masturbators are reasonably prices and ideal as that little extra gift which you can enjoy when you see the pleasure on his face.




TENGA Deep Throat

TENGA Deep Throat

5) Fleshlight – £52.95

My next suggestion may seem a bit odd and not feel like a good idea. But hear me out…

The Fleshlight is a male masturbator designed to replicate the sensation of penetration. The Fleshlight has many different versions available, all with different textures and appearances. Why would you get this from your other-half? It comes in a standard Stamina Training Unit as well as to look like different porn stars vaginas, so great for when you’re away for long periods of time, special treats or kinky fun when you can’t or don’t want to have sex.

The realistic-feel, latex-free, phthalate-free, textured and fully submersible inner sleeve has a series of chambers that replicate the feel of the female anatomy. Unscrew the larger end to reveal the moulded female form, unscrew the opposite end for suction control and remove the whole sleeve to clean with soap and water.

At £52.95 it may seem pricey but if your get the Stamina version of the Fleshlight you’ll reap the reward after a bit as your partner will last a lot longer in the sack! Now that can’t be a bad thing surely?

 Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit

6) 50 Shades Bondage Kit – £54.95

An usual choice and one I wouldn’t have suggested this time last year, but how about a bondage kit? Although us guys might like to think we’re the ones in control, from time to time we like our girls to wear the trousers, this kit is ideal for that.

The kit includes: luxury satin bondage restraints; satin and faux leather spanking paddle; satin eye mask with padding and elasticated back and satin storage pouch- all in a sturdy gift box. The restraints are easy to adjust and have a length of 52.5 inches to enable comfortable tethering to bedposts or anything you desire. The spanking paddle has a softer padded, silky side and harder leather side to enable you or your partner to choose depending on what punishment you wish to inflict. The blindfold is padded for comfort and has double elastic to make sure your sight is taken but the rest of your senses are heightened.

Miss K used the kit on me and I loved it! The excitement in not knowing whether you’re going to get a slap with the paddle or an intimate kiss is such a turn on and leads to some passionate sex.

 Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit

Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit

7) Tease Board Game – £29.95

Tease, ‘The liberating game for couples and groups’ is a cheeky drinking game with saucy dares and favours to build up the sexual tension between you and the other players. Mainly for group sex, but also for couples wanting to explore, this game is in a cool 1950’s pin up style; for ages 18 and over and takes 1-2 hours.

The Contents of this game comprises of: 1 playing board, 50 reward cards (150 instructions), 50 forfeit cards (150 instructions), 50 fantasy cards, 6 playing pieces (3 male 3 female), 2 dice, 1 special dice, 1 timer, 1 rule book.

We both enjoyed playing the Tease and it’s ideal for couples that are either want to spend an intimate and funny night in or those more adventurous couples who are wanting to introduce another couple into their intimate session.

Tease Couples Game

Tease Couples Game


8) Rocks Off 50 Lixxx – £19.95

The 50 Lixxx by Rocks Off is a great looking cock ring with benefits for both of you.

This cock ring boasts 7 powerful vibration speeds (powered by the super strong Rocks Off 80mm bullet) that is sure to add an intense sensation during your love making. The silicone cock ring itself (the lips) fits tightly around the penis which means it’ll increase stimulation but also make him harder for longer.

The bullet from the 50 Lixxx is removable meaning you have a 2 for the price of one product here. Whether it’s a powerful vibrating bullet for yourself, a firm grip of a cock ring for him or a vibrating cock ring for you both, this toy is a great stocking filler at just £19.95.

 Rocks Off 40 Lixxx 7 Speed Cock Ring

Rocks Off 40 Lixxx 7 Speed Cock Ring

9) The Xmas Tuggie – £9.90

Last year Miss K was working nights and came back Christmas day to see me dressed in a Santa Mankini. It was a great kick off to our Christmas and made us both laugh. Why not treat your guy to something similar with the Xmas Tuggie. The perfect stocking filler that will guarantee to lead to other things once he’s tried it on for you.

The X-Mas Tuggie is basically a sock for his cock (and balls)…perfect to fight that winter chill, and one that will certainly make you laugh when you see him wearing it.

The X-Mas Tuggie

The X-Mas Tuggie


So I hope this gift list has given you some ideas on how you can treat him this Xmas! All of these products I either own, would buy myself or hope to own (if Miss K gets the hint!!) Any other queries please email us at [email protected] or have a look at the rest of our site!

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