The lovely guys at Give Lube sent us some products for us to test and review. Give Lube is a great UK based company who are dedicated “to improving sex lives and relationships” with their lubes. They’ve tried and tested numerous products from around the world until they found the high quality product that they have available today. Give Lube offer both a Water-Base and Silicone based product, in this review we’ll be talking about the Lubetube premium aqua gel.

Premium aqua gel sizes

Premium aqua gel sizes

Give Lubes water-based lube is available in 3 different sizes. Mini (30ml), Midi (100ml) and Maxi (250ml). The lube contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol for added skin care. It’s great to hear that this lube is dermatologically tested, and is colourless and odourless, making this lube perfect for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin. One final thumbs up for this product is that it’s CE marked medical lubricant so you can be assured that it’s 100% safe for your body.

What he says

With lube I’ve normally gone for generic well known lube brands such as Durex, mainly because of the name and because they’re available in supermarkets and chemists. I was really looking forward to using this lube after reading so many positive things from others on the Internet, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The product itself is in a nice simple, stylish black bottle with a flip cap. The flip cap on the bottle means it’s easy to access the lube and to apply more if needed. The first time I used the lube I went a bit over the top with the amount I squeezed out of the bottle because I didn’t know what to expect with the constancy. This lube is a nice thin, runny liquid that has a great silky feel to it. This surprised me at first because I’m used to the thick consistency of Durex lubes, so I wasn’t too sure whether I was going to like it.

With the liquid being thinner than what I’m used to I found that I could feel more. The lube wasn’t cushioning/blocking any sensation from anything whether it was my hand, Miss K’s hand or during intercourse, meaning it was more stimulating while still being smooth and frictionless. I also found a small amount lasted quite a long time and spread a long way, even though the consistency is thin and runny.

Afterwards the lube is really easy to wash off with water, and I found afterwards that my skin was nice and soft (I’m guessing that’s the Aloe Vera). The consistency of this lube is perfect to use with sensual massages too, something that I’ll be treating Miss K to later!

What she says

The packaging of this lube has a really sophisticated and adult feel to it, and with its flip-top lid is really easy to access when in a passionate situation. I expected a standard lube with this product and was really surprised when it felt so watery and runny but had such a lasting effect.

During foreplay or ‘his treat’ this was great for a hand-job and lasted as long as he did. I only used a tiny amount and it spread a long way and was enough for the whole time. During intercourse, we used a little bit more, and it lasted as long as we did, if not longer. It felt safe and natural to have in intimate areas, and didn’t feel squelchy or thick as other lubes, which added to a more pleasant intimate experience.

This is also a great lube to use with any toy, such as the Lovehoney Mini G-Spot Vibe. Being water-based, it’s safe to use with silicone toys, and feels very natural and non-irritant on intimate skin. I’d recommend this for those with sensitive skin, as I have had some irritation with other lubes and found this one to be very effective, pleasant and natural-feeling.


  • If you do find it’s dried up slightly add a bit of water.
  • As this lube is not sticky and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth afterwards, try using it for a massage
  • Give Lube have put together a wide range of tips for you here



Where to buy

Maxi (250ml) – £12.95
Midi (100ml) – £8.95
Mini (30ml) – £3.95

Strawberry Blushes

Maxi (250ml) – £12.95
Midi (100ml) – £8.95
Mini (30ml) – £3.95


Over all we love this lube, so much so that we’ve marked down our original rating on the 2 in 1 Durex review. It does everything it’s supposed to as a water-based lube and is a great multipurpose product, that’s kind to sensitive skin and great fun to use.

UPDATE: This review was based on the old GiveLube Waterbased lube. Give Lube have now increased the thickness of the lube which is good as it now stays exactly where you want it to stay.

We give this 9/10