We introduced you to this incredible venture in our news post , where we highlighted how a clever physicist came up with boxer shorts to protect your bits. The concept around this is suddenly interesting to us as we think about making babies, but shouldn’t this be something we all think about? Protecting your swimmers against harmful everyday electromagnetic radiation is important!

Trunks 360- Black - £35

Trunks 360- Black – £35

Trunks 360 - Blue - £35

Trunks 360 – Blue – £35

The shorts contain RadiaTex® fabric, which is a silver cotton blended fabric, creating a shield against electromagnetic radiation, as well as being anti-microbial, strong and comfortable. Clean, comfy and protected, what else would you want from your boxer shorts!?


Boxer Briefs 360 – Blue – £35

Boxer Briefs 360 – Black - £35

Boxer Briefs 360 – Black – £35

What he says

When I first heard this idea, I was a little skeptical about the look of these ‘silver-lined boxers’, all I could picture was me wearing chain mail. Either that or they’d be too thick and everything would be sweaty down there.. In fact, they’re incredibly comfy to wear and just like normal boxer shorts. The cotton is soft and stretchy, and they look good on, too.(You best hear more from the Mrs about that). Even though the fabric is thicker than most of my other shorts, they’re not too thick that I feel sweaty, in fact they feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

The fact that they’re protecting my swimmers is the main point in my interest in this product, and the reason I’ll happily buy more. We’re trying to have a baby currently, and so they couldn’t have come to our attention at a better time! They seem to wash well, they’ve looked new every time.

What she says

I actually think this is a fantastic product! We forget about our electronics and what we surround ourselves with everyday, and the impact that might have on our bodies. So when you’re actually thinking about starting a family, the importance of looking after yourself becomes one of the most important things in your life, so to us something like this is really perfect. Not only that, but protection whenever should be important, so these shorts are really suitable for all men, of all ages.

I really like the look of them, they’re structured nicely and give a nice shape! They’ve gone through the wash a few times very well, the only problem I’d point out is that he only has 2 pairs, so wearing them every day is impossible. This makes the space between wearing them probably a bit too wide to be completely effective, but as Mr A says, he’ll happily buy a few more pairs to maintain the protection!


  • Try out one pair first, but you may need to purchase more after a while,
  • Wash as indicated on the label.

Where to buy

Wireless Armour – £24.00 to £35.00

Available in Blue / Black, Trunks / Boxer Briefs 180 / 360 Coverage.

Mr. A was sent the Black, 360 Trunks to review.


This is a perfect idea for the modern man and everyday living! Worth the money if you’re working close to electromagnetic radiation daily. You might need to buy a few pairs once you try them out! We’d love to see them in a variety of colours!