Durex have a number of different lubes on the market, in this review we’ll be talking about their great 2 in 1 range. Currently there are 3 different types available: Massage Lotion (with soothing Aloe Vera), Stimulating Massage Lotion (with arousing Guarana) and Sensual Massage Lotion (with seductive Ylang Ylang). They’re 2 in 1 because they can be used as a massage oil to treat your partner or for lubrication during sex or with use of sex toys.

she says

This range of lubes are not only a fantastic way to get yourself a romantic, sensual massage, but are also incredibly suggestive. Using normal massage lotion means that when things get steamy, you have to break off and wash you’re hands or worry about the sheets becoming stained. Also, for women normal massage oil should not be used in intimate places. This makes the Durex 2 in 1 the perfect solution as it’s water based- it doesn’t stain and it doubles up as a lube, so the massage can lead where ever you would like it to! I found the gentle aroma of the lube and the feel to be relaxing and extremely effective as a massage oil, and as a lube, it was gentle but arousing and lasted as long as the activity.

he says

The 2 in 1 range are brilliant lotions with so many uses, whether this is self pleasure, oral sex, intercourse or sensual massage this lotion covers them all. When I first bought this lube I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be good at being both a lube and a massage gel, but it proved me wrong. As massage gel it has a nice silky soft feel and relaxing fragrance and as a lube it’s very….well, lubey! I found it lasted long enough as a lube for what it was being used for, and it just soaks into the skin so you don’t have to wash it off straight away afterwards.


  • If you find that it dries up a little and you want to continue the fun, our tip for you is to avoid applying more as this will start to form a layer of dry, flaky film. Wet your hands slightly and put them over the dried area and you’ll reactivate the silkiness.
  • This product is advertised as 2 in 1, but we like to call it 3 in 1 as it also has a sweet taste to it, perfect for oral sex!
  • This is a toy safe product so experiment using it with your favourite sex toy (perfect for couples foreplay)


Aloe Vera – £7.19
Guarana – £7.99
Ylang Ylang – £6.49

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