We were sent this Natural Intimate Lube by In2mate in return for an honest review. This is our first review since introducing our little bundle of joy into the world. These 5 months have flown, we’re sorry for a lack of reviews and updates but our focuses have shifted slightly 🙂

We were extremely interested to hear about this lube from In2mate and it couldn’t have been timed more perfectly with pregnancy.

So here’s a bit about the lube from In2mate themselves.

n2mate Natural Intimate Lubricant

In2mate Natural Intimate Lubricant

Introducing the first natural anti-ageing lubricant by In2mate

In2mate, a UK skincare brand, has developed their first natural anti-ageing lubricant that helps both rejuvenate and lubricate vaginal skin.

Key ingredients also help repair, detoxify and lubricate vaginal skin.


The key to preserving all skin and keeping it looking and feeling younger and more flexible is antioxidants. Vaginal skin is affected by the natural ageing process like any other area of skin on the body.

In2mate Natural Lubricant is the first lubricant to contain a patented antioxidant PROTEOLEA® which has been proven to help rejuvenate delicate areas of skin by slowing down age-related oxidised cellular waste degradation by optimising cellular recycling. This process helps improve flexibility and retain volume and moisturisation for a more radiant appearance and healthier feel.


Healthy bacterial balance in the vagina is crucial for maintaining good vaginal health. The humid and airless environment of the vagina combined with sexual activity, makes an ideal breeding ground for bad bacteria and fungus.

In2mate Natural Lubricant contains a patented probiotic Biolin®, proven to help increase the good flora in the vagina while inhibiting the growth of bad vaginal bacteria that can lead to bacterial vaginitis, thrush and other bacterial infections and imbalances.

Biolin® also repairs and strengthens vaginal skin damaged by age-related thinning, chafing and abrasions.


All skin loses moisture with age, but in particular the thin vaginal skin begins to lose moisture when female sex hormones are depleted with age. 

In2mate Natural Lubricant contains Levan, a natural plant fructose that protects plants against damage from frost and drought by locking in moisture via the formation of a natural micro film over the plant’s surface.

Used on the skin it does the same thing, helping lock in moisture and giving skin a smoother more slippery feel.

The right pH?

In2mate Natural Lubricant keeps the vagina at a pH of 4.5 or below. Normal skin is not as acidic as the vagina so In2mate Natural Lubricant have struck a healthy balance between the skin around the vagina and the tissue within. 

4.5 is the perfect pH ‘balance’ because it’s not too high for the vagina and not too low for the surrounding skin. 

In2Mate Natural Lubricant is made with 99.3% natural ingredients and is a natural-feeling non-perfumed rejuvenating lubricant.

What she says

I really like the first impressions of this product. The bottle is attractive but understated, the kind of thing you could leave lying around and at a glance not really know what it was. The soft pink is feminine in the right way, showing clearly it’s made with women in mind, but delicate and fresh at the same time. The immediate label says all the right stuff too, ‘pH Optimised’ ‘Prebiotic and Rejuvinating’ ‘99.3% natural’ obviously these things are extremely reassuring when buying something to go ‘down there’.

The ingredients are handily listed on the back if you really want to know the details of your product or you’re allergic or sensitive to anything. “Instructions: Use as much as required. Safe Everywhere” giving you free reign to go mad with it if you really want to! I really like the soft pump action, this really gives you plenty without wasting, like open bottle tops. I hate picking up the bottle in a moment to get a huge amount and have to smear some on a towel or clothing to get rid of it! What a waste.

It feels great on the skin, no sensitive reactions or stings at all for me and felt smooth and silky, really did the trick. Post-pregnancy this has been a god-send as the transition post-birth can be really uncomfortable for some. Discovering each other again had been really fun and easy, and it’s been really helped along by this lubricant. I don’t feel stressed about getting intimate and feeling uncomfortable down there, which is a major thing for me post-birth.

I have to admit I didn’t know ALL the benefits to this product straight away while using it. I’d read the product but I guess not really taken it in. To be honest it’s everything I’d want in a lubricant! I feel like it’s taking care of me down there without me really having to think about it. And I have noticed a difference too. Not only is sex more comfortable but I don’t feel any discomfort or stinging afterwards and I have had no irritations at all inbetween. So now I want to use it every time just to make sure everything is balanced and healthy down there, not to mention looking good too!

What he says

In terms of benefits for me for this product, it’s knowing they’re helping Mrs. K. We’ve used this lube a number of times during sex, in fact almost every time since the birth of our little girl.

The lube feels lovely, soft and silky and is a great overall lubricant, lasting the duration of our session really well. Because of the benefits of this product, once we have run out 0f the lube I do think we’d buy it again. One pump of the nozzle provides enough lube for one session, so at £6.95 this product is worth it’s money.

Where to buy

You can buy the full range directly from In2Mate at their online SkinShop



It looses one point really because we don’t know exactly how long the bottle will last, but to be honest it still feels reasonably full after a good amount of usage. It’s a shame there’s no choice for a slightly bigger size. It feels great on intimate skin and really did the trick during sex, especially during this crucial time of post-pregnancy re-exploration! With added benefits and natural ingredients, this product is just a win-win for us.