We’re loving the new creation from the guys at Durex innovations department in Australia. The new product known as Fundawear, is underwear designed for both males and females and allows couples to stimulate each other using a mobile phone app.



It works by pressing different sensors on the app which sets off little electrical pulses in the underwear, the perfect way to connect you and your partner sexually when you’re not together.

Watch the cheesy viral here:

Fundawear isn’t available to the general public at the moment and seems to be more of a PR stunt than anything. Although, if you are lucky enough to live in Australia you could be in with a chance of winning a set by entering the competition on their facebook page.

It’s a fun idea for couples and one that we’d love to experiment with, fingers crossed they get launched to the general public after seeing the response the viral video has received. It’s a fantastic concept for long distance relationships or when a partner is away from home.

What do you think about this technology? It’s not a new concept as Mobile phone activated toys have been available to the public for a while, but we like the effort and design consideration durex have gone into for this.

We look forward to seeing what else Durexperiment come up with!