The LELO Smart Wand is a premium cordless body massager with LELO’s own SenseMotion Technology and many other Smart Advantages.

The Smart Wand was sent to us by Mimi De Luxe in exchange for an honest and detailed review. Mimi De Luxe is a tasteful online premium pleasure retailer, selling only the finest in body safe, discreet toys. Your designer toy arrives by Royal Mail in packaging marked only with your address, with a follow-up email to ensure you received your gift safely.


LELO Smart Wand

Stats (inches/cm):

Total Length: 12.5″ / 31.5 cm

Widest Circumference: 7.5”/ 19cm

Smallest Circumference: 3.5 ”/ 9cm

Contained in the pack: 1 large black LELO Smart Wand, 1-year warranty (and 10-year guarantee) booklet, charger, user manual and protective storage bag.

Made with LELO’s signature soft, FDA-Approved body-safe silicone, the whole length feels so smooth and luxurious, right down to the soft metallic ABS plastic handle. To one end is the rounded flexible massage head, to the middle is your control interface and to the tip is the waterproof open charging socket.

The shape is ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and reach different areas of your body, including back, arms, legs and intimate areas. The 3-button interface assists you to scroll through 8 vibration settings with the middle button, while the + and – increase and decrease the power. To turn off the Smart Wand, press and hold the – button until the vibrations stop.


LELO Wand in the box

To use the LELO patent-pending Sensetouch Technology, simply set the wand to the Sensetouch setting. To switch on this function, switch on your Smart Wand and press and hold the middle button for 3-5 seconds. The LED should flash twice to indicate the setting is on, and press and hold again to switch off Sensetouch and return to the Smart Wand standard settings. The special touch sensors in the tip of the wand recognise when it is in contact with your body; and when not in contact, the vibrations decrease. Push the wand into your palm to select your desired intensity, and it will take 3-5 seconds for the vibrations to increase to that level when removing and pressing the wand to your body.

The LELO Smart Wand remembers the setting which was last used and returns to that setting when switched back on. The Smart Wand can be used in the bath or shower as it is 100% waterproof, this might also be a great way to fully relax the muscles. Wash the Smart Wand with antibacterial cleaning spray or antibacterial soap and warm water. Charge the massager for 2 hours to get 2 hours of user time.


The Wand in its pouch

What she says

I’ve always wanted to try a wand massager, and where better to start than with the gorgeous LELO brand. Every toy in this brand is undeniably beautiful and this one doesn’t disappoint. The box has very subtle pictures, really giving the premium massager an innocent presentation. Obviously you don’t have to use this sensual massager as a sex toy, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t!

Slide off the outer packaging and the LELO Smart Wand is encased in its very own luxurous white box, with the wand sat snugly in its display and a hidden section for your accessories. The mains charger fits into the charger point to the end of the wand. The charger port is completely waterproof so don’t worry about its open appearance. Obviously, let the wand dry thoroughly after using in the bath or shower and before charging.


Charging Point

The controls are so easy to use, with the insignia style subtle buttons in raised silicone so you can feel your way to the controls. As usual with LELO toys, settings to the middle, +ve is on and increase vibrations, -ve is off and decrease vibrations. The vibrations in this toy are incredibly powerful!! The flexible end means that the vibrations are independent from the rest of the toy, bringing even more intensity to the already powerful buzz.


The Controls

When I first used the toy, I tried on my back and the massage was amazing. I get quite tense at the top of my back and the vibration, although not quite as good as a massage, was certainly the next best thing. The vibrations relaxed my muscles nicely and with this, I then tried it on my nipples, then down to more intimate areas. I went for a medium setting on the Sensetouch, which was pretty amazing.

The vibrations are quite different from most toys because of this independent head- it seems to carry the vibrations further. The length of the arm is perfect to reach down your back and to intimate areas with no effort. Of course, if you prefer more compact toys there is a smaller version available. The toy isn’t noisy, but it isn’t whisper quiet either. Nothing put me off though or made me think my neighbors could hear!!

When I used the wand on my nipples, the sensation in medium to high setting was really amazing, and usually I don’t get very much nipple play from actual vibrators. Using it down-below, well!! In the highest vibration this toy is INTENSE and quite amazing. I went from 0 to DONE in the space of quite literally 2 minutes. For a slower tease, try the other settings the Smart Wand has to offer. Different powers and also the Sensetouch, in a lower intensity, would give more of a tease.

I really think this toy is so versatile and definitely worth the money. If you want to feel like you own an extremely luxurious item just for you, then LELO will never let you down. If you want something subtle with many uses, then this is an amazing alternative to their more phallic or couple-based toys. This massager is powerful, beautiful, intelligent and so none-threatening.

We haven’t really used this one together!!! I’ve kept it all to myself!!! But we would definitely use this toy together given chance, and I would say this is a real must for couples who want to introduce something subtle yet amazing to the bedroom. One for all ages, I’d recommend this toy to a lot of people and couples that we know!

What he says

As I’m sure you all know here at XtraCurricular we are HUGE fans of LELO and their beautifully design premium products. When Mimi De Luxe gave us free reign to pick a toy from their store at first we struggled, Mimi have such a great range of premium sex toys we found it hard to pick one to review.

With Miss K having had a bad back recently the LELO Smart Wand Large Massager jumped out at me. Having reviewed lots of LELO products in the past we knew this product would be one of quality, and we weren’t wrong.

I’ve seen a couple of Sex in the City episodes in the past (don’t ask why as I have no answer to that)…yes that’s right. One that sticks to mind is the one where all the women are buying a back massager and the store can’t understand why. It turns out it’s because it makes for an amazing sex toy, which well this is what the Smart Wand is right?

The packaging of the SmartWand is very tasteful and clean, it doesn’t shout sex toy. Ideal for you ladies to put on your Christmas or Birthday wishlist without people thinking you’ve just asked them for a sex toy!

This is more of a Miss K review, but what I will say is that the Smart Wand is beautifully made and looks extremely premium. The soft silicone feel is smooth to the touch and gentle against the skin. The Sensetouch setting on the Smart Wand is genius, it knows exactly when to turn up the vibrations against the skin. The vibrations feel great against the skin and if I had a knot in my back I would reach for the Smart Wand to iron it out. Not only is the Sensetouch setting very clever, the standard vibration patterns (all 8 of them) are great. At it’s most powerful vibration setting the Smart Wand is ridiculous (in a good way), although stupidly powerful it’s still surprisingly quite which is always a good thing.

I know Miss K has really enjoying using the Smart Wand and it’s one which I think we’ll enjoy using together on romantic nights in. I imagine the Smart Wand coupled with the LELO massage candles would send Miss K to a relaxed bliss…Miss K, we’ll have to try that very soon!


  • Charge your Smart Wand for 2 hours when you receive it.
  • If you use massage oils, make sure you clean thoroughly after use. LELO recommends water-based solutions.
  • To wash, clean with antibacterial spray or antibacterial soap and hot water, and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel.
  • Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone.
  • Store the product away from products of other materials, in a dust-free, cool dry place.

Where to buy

MIMI DE LUXE was founded by Elle Black in Australia back in 2011, this premium well designed site offers a range of high quality well chosen designer sex toys now also available to the UK. Their website is very tasteful and has a nude free policy. Every toy ordered comes with free discrete Royal Mail delivery.

From MiMi De Luxe  – £154.99

From LELO – £155.00


Overall, definitely up there as one of the best that LELO has to offer.

We give this 10/10


Look How Beautiful It Is!!