The VIBEASE is the world’s first 100% hands free wearable vibrator that connect remotely to your smart phone. This pink (also available in purple) vibrator is iPhone and Android compatible, and is rechargeable through USB.   


What’s in the box

The soft silicone of the Vibease is seamless and body safe. The vibrator is shaped to fit the vagina perfectly meaning you can wear it whenever you want. The measurements for the Vibease are 8cm(W) x 2cm(H) x 3.6cm(D)


I love the fresh, modern packaging

Vibease allows your partner to send custom vibrations from anywhere around the world using their free mobile app…so no matter where your partner is you can still share those intimate moments.

You can also use the app to listen to erotic audio novels. These novels synchronise with the Vibease allowing you to feel part of the fantasy.

What she says

The Vibease wearable vibration was a very new concept to me. When I first read about it I thought that this was such a great solution to a well know problem we all probably face one time in our lives (long distance relationships).

This toy isn’t just aimed at couples in long distance relationships. It’s ideal for the single ladies out there who have a great imagination and want to lose themselves in a great erotic novel. 


Soft to touch and very vibrant in colour

The Vibease really gave me the wow factor when I first opened my delivery. They’ve gone all out with the packaging and design (somthing I really appreciate in products). The packaging is very young, fresh and modern and makes you feel like you’re getting a very well made product.

Box contents:

-Wearable Vibrator
-User Manual
-Quick Start Guide
-Small USB charging cable
-Longer USB charging cable

As I’m in a relationship, myself and my partner couldn’t wait to get playing with this toy and it’s app.

Our first step was to connect both our phones to the Vibease. This took us way more time than we wanted to and not sure whether to blame this on our iPhones (I know that Bluetooth on the iPhones doesn’t always work too well) After 10 minutes or so both of our phones were connected.

We got everything prepped for when we knew Mr. B was going back home for the weekend, just in case we both felt spontaneous when we were both alone, in two different parts of the country.

Mr. B found himself alone at home and so we decided to put the toy into action. On first use we decided I’d chose an erotic fantasy audio book from the in app library. I was ready to let my imagination do the work (as well as Mr. B changing the speed of the toy!)


Shapes perfectly to be hands free

I must say this was something I hadn’t experienced before and was a little hesitant at first, but overall I found it great fun!

One of the features I liked was the fact I could also chat to Mr. B through the app and send messages and pictures! It made the use of the toy more fun, sexy and secretive than messaging through text on your phone. Giving Mr. B control over the vibrations meant he could feel like he was adding to my sensual experience without actually being in the room with me. Something I’m sure he enjoyed.

Another use for the Vibease is solo play, I can’t say I’ve done that yet, but I can see it being just as pleasurable on your own. Solo play allows you to be in control of your own fantasy, I love the idea of being able to relax and listen to an erotic story while the Vibease vibrates in time with the novel.

I really do love the idea of this toy and will be looking out for more great ideas from Vibease… maybe they’ll be releasing a male specific toy next?

What he says

When Miss J showed me Vibease I thought it was an ace concept, especially for when we are away from each other. The Vibease lets us be intimate together by using the same app on our iPhones, this really appeals to me.

Having never heard of anything like the Vibease before I was really impressed with the idea. As we live together, though, it’s very rare that we’d be able to use the toy to its full potential. Maybe when I visit home or go away to work we could share the Vibease experience. It’s a really fun toy to have and we can’t wait to use it again.


  • Be patient when connecting yours and your Partners smart phone to the toy, on our iPhones it took a while to connect through the bluetooth.
  • REMEMBER to connect your partners phone to the toy before planning to use this as it’ll only work with the App if you sync it first.
  • Relax…It is different and daring…but its also great!

Where to buy

You can buy the VIBEASE currently for $99 (around £67) from their website here

Alternatively it’s strangely available in the UK at for £79.99


I really can see the benefit of this toy for people in long distance relationship. It allows you both to share an intimate relationship without being in the same room! For me, however, as I live with my partner I rarely get the chance to use it, but whenever the opportunity arises to use it, we both jump for it!