The Sex & Mischief Feather Tickler was sent to us by the wonderful supplier Voluptasse. With discreet delivery, fantastic customer service and extremely personalised approach, this supplier is really special to us.

Feather Tickler

Feather Tickler

This seductive, black addition to your sex life is incredibly versatile. One end of the tickler has incredibly soft, luxurious feathers, in plenty of volume. The handle of this toy is plastic and has enough length to tease from afar. This toy is the perfect accessory to any kinky bondage session, a tickle tease on it’s own or beginners who want to try something a little bit different.


Tickle, tickle!

What he says

Usually, I HATE being tickled. So this toy didn’t appeal to me in some ways, but I was hoping I’d at least be able to tease Miss K with it.  I think the pricing and quality is perfect for this kind of toy, especially when experimenting, you don’t really want to pay too much. Also, if you get it covered in lube or something then at least you can buy another! The feathers are really soft though, to the point I thought I might actually give it a go!

I tried it out on Miss K- blindfolded her, tied her up and stroked the soft feathers up and down her body. She squirmed at some places being touched, but the majority of the time she seemed to love it! This really turned me on too, so I decided to give it a go. Restrained and everything, what was I thinking?? This was usually my idea of a nightmare! But in fact, I really liked it. Particularly circling my balls while she teased with her tongue, now that was a treat. We’ll definitely be using this again!!

What she says

When I first checked out the Feather Tickler, I thought the price was so good, but also the quality is concentrated in the right place- the feathers. Run the feathers through your fingers a few times and you can feel just how luxurious they are, with no bits coming loose or falling apart in your hand. The handle is quite a cheap plastic with a little bend and rubber- feeling handle for grip. This is just the right length to tease and tickle.

We used it for the first time with other bondage items, mainly blindfold and restraints. This really added to the intention to tease, as my sensations were heightened with the blindfold in place, and I could squirm and writhe but my hands and legs were attached to the bed.

Mr A smoothed it up and down the length of my body, teasing different areas as he went. It felt particularly amazing around my nipples and on my inner thighs, and eventually drove me mad with excitement! Definitely worked for me with the whole teasing bondage session.

I then used it on Mr A, which was really simple but again effective, just circling where ever he liked the feel of. The thing which also impressed me too, was that for both of us it was actually a seductive tickle, rather than a ‘OMG I want to kill you!’ tickle.



  • Use a blindfold and handcuffs to heighten your experience.
  • Be careful not to get lubes or bodily fluids into the feathers, if you do wipe gently with a damp cloth and leave to dry.
  • Use for him and for her- try tickling his balls and her nipples.

Where to buy

Love Honey UK

Love Honey US


Over all, we love this amazing new addition to our toy box!! I’m sure this toy will come out again and again as it has so many uses! Simple, yet so effective, this is a cheap but teasingly cheerful buy! Surprised us!

The only thing we’d like is a more sturdy handle? We’ve got a feeling clumsy Miss K might break this- we’d pay a little more for slightly better quality. But this doesn’t take away from the toy!

We give this 9/10