Spank Ties are the newest and most ingenious craze in bondage and S&M. Perfect for experts and beginners alike, this brilliant new toy can not only be used to spank your lover, but to tie them up too!

We received this new toy from the wonderful supplier Voluptasse, in discreet packaging and with great customer service. We got the pink version, but they’re also available in black.


Spank Ties in the packaging

The pack comes in simple yet striking cardboard packaging, holding the two ties together. The ties are bendy metal rods covered with soft, supple foam. Each tie bends every which way and can be manipulated into any shape.


Get Creative!

The two function of the ties are that you can bend one in half and twist together as shown to make a spank paddle. The foam is soft against the skin making the user have full control of the amount of sting felt by the spank. The other can then be used to twist around the hands or legs, or if not using as a spanker, then both!

The soft, spongy foam is then comfortable against the skin and the user can’t become stuck, but still feels the pleasure in being restrained.


Easy to use and comfortable


What he says

At first glance of this toy, initially, because of the colour, I thought ‘tut, another toy for her’- but looking closer at what they were, I had the feeling that I’d spend more time than Miss K tied up in these, and I couldn’t wait! I had a feel of the fabric and thought these clever bendy bits of foam are perfect for bending around wrists and ankles, with the added bonus of being able to use one as a spanking paddle!

When we used them, I tied Miss K up, her wrists and ankles together. She ‘ouched’ a few times as I did it but I think it was me being rough (I was a bit excited, what can I say!!) She said they were comfortable after that, and I could tell she was more relaxed because she knew she could get out of them if she really wanted to. We’ve used restraints before and she said it wasn’t really for her, that she felt better dominating, but she definitely enjoyed it this time!

She then decided to strap me to the bed, using one around my wrists and the other to spank. I can tell you that these things are genius! perfect gift, great value, and needless to say I really didn’t care that they were pink!!


What she says

When we first received this toy, we loved that it was 2-in-1, amazing value and just so clever. The actual ties themselves remind me of some bendy curlers I used to have, bendy wire covered in foam. Of course we had a bit of fun bending them to look like different things and hanging them from places (I’ll let your imagination run wild!)

When we tried the ties, Mr A tied my hands together above my head, and the other around my ankles. He added a blind-fold and we had a whole lot of fun! The entire time, the ties were comfortable and light, and did make me feel like I was being restrained, without that whole awkward part at the end or halfway through when you have to struggle to get them off. I wiggled and slipped out of them comfortably and tried them out on him!

The Spank Ties were easy to bend and apply to another person, and felt comfortable yet naughty to spank with. They do leave a sting if you hit hard enough, but they feel much safer than some spanks we’ve tried. We love gadgets and things that are a bit different to us, and we think this is a really great invention for sexual amusement.



  • Bend the tie around the hands and then around the bed-head to secure
  • Use both to tie the hands and legs together
  • Use one to tie, one to spank
  • Have fun!


Where to buy

Voluptasse no longer sell products, but Lovehoney have a bunch of restraints that might flout your boat!


Over all

We give this 9/10