The Voluptasse Sexy Christmas Stocking is a personalised novelty item with added naughtiness!! Individually wrapped and beautifully presented, this is the perfect gift to give your other-half this Xmas!

Hand-picked by the wonderful Mel at Voluptasse, each Sexy Stocking contains a vibrator, sweets, games and novelties guaranteed to make your other-half smile and warm the two of you up this Christmas. So as well as a quality sex toy, your partner gets fun, kinky and individualised items chosen for you, wrapped and all ready to receive!

The fun-filled stockings are priced at £39.99 or higher depending on any specific toys or extras you want to include. The stockings are available in: Single Male, Single Female, Heterosexual Couple, Gay Male Couple and Gay Female Couple.


Our Sexy Christmas Stocking!


The Contents!!

What we received:


The RO-MONA Bullet Vibrator

The Rocks-Off MONA 80mm Bullet Vibrator is a vibe with 7 functions: 3 speeds and 4 patterns that will really blow her mind! Rocks-Off are known for their incredibly pretty bullets with hugely powerful motors, and this one is no exception! Made from platinum body safe silicone and metallic plated ABS plastic to give its sexy deep pink appearance, this stylish vibe is fully waterproof. Included with this toy is a satin storage bag and one 1 x 1.5 V AAA / LR3 battery.

Miss K has already tried this one alone straight away! We love Rocks-Off and their awesome designs and powerful vibrators, so this one we know will be awesome.  This is a great gift to her for foreplay or solo use. It’s style gives it something special and as a vibe it is not intimidating at all; but don’t let it fool you! This one has some power behind it. Miss K was definitely happy after her session anyway!!



The RO-MONA Vibrating Love Ring Plus

This thick and super stretchy rubber cock ring is used to stretch around the penis to help keep him harder for longer and vibrate against her clitoris for simple but effective enhanced fun! The thick and stretchy rubber should be place on the penis when hard and a switch at the side adds a powerful buzz to the textured clitoral stimulator.

This simple little one-use vibrator is a great beginners toy and addition to the bedroom. Comes in one stretchy size to fit and is soft textured. This toy is made for one-use but could possibly be washed and used a second time. Wear for 30 minutes maximum.

We’ve tried a multitude of cock rings, but we’re always open to trying different brands and styles! A cock ring is a really great addition to any session so I’m sure we’ll get around to using that one 😉


Vibrating Love Ring Plus


Spank Ties – Pink

Spank Ties – ‘friendly S&M’ are two 34inch foam and bendable wire lengths that can be moulded as restraint and to create spanking paddles. The ties are elegant yet secure, perfect for beginners S&M. There’s no risk of being stranded as in some restraints due to their mould-able nature, which also means they’re comfortable to wear and fit for placement for anywhere on any limb.

Used as restraints, they’re versatile, firm and safe with no risk of cuts and scrapes. Simply wrap around the desired area and twist to secure. To use as a spanking paddle, fold in half and twist throughout the whole length to create a rigid yet cushioned spanker with just the right amount of sting, without hurting the skin. The attractive packaging gives simple and easy instruction of how to use and the website gives different ideas for play.

We own restraints, but nothing quite like this! Brilliant idea, we’ve heard about these before and were impressed with the idea. Excited to try these and see how they fair in their two uses. We think tie with one and then spank with the other!? Can’t wait!!


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Spank Ties- Pink


Sex & Mischief Feather Tickler – Black

This feather tickler has a 22cm plastic handle to enable use from a distance or up close, for whatever kind of play you desire. The soft, luxurious feathers are perfect for a tender stroke to any area of the body to heighten sensitivity during soft and sensual sex and foreplay.

The black feather tickler is perfect for use in a couple as it is not too feminine for men to use, but dainty enough for a woman to feel sexy when using it on her partner. A great addition to any bedroom activity for those that love a good tease!

We love to tease and use sensory play to enhance pleasure in foreplay and build up to sex, so this will play a big part for us in the bedroom! Very excited to try, although I think it will be used mostly on Miss K as Mr A hates being tickled! So definitely one for her! The feathers feel very soft so on inspecting, definitely feels as though it will do the job.


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Feather Tickler- Black


Sweetie Cone and Novelties: by the lovely Voluptasse

We received lots of goodies in our Sexy Stocking, and I have to say they didn’t last very long! While taking a look at our new toys, we made our way through the sweets within the gorgeous sweetie cone, ate the chocolate coins and giggled at the Kinky Vows! Voluptasse creates sweetie cones for all occasions, for more information follow her on twitter: @Voluptasse.

Having the novelties and sweets in our package really made the experience feel special and exciting, much like the way you feel searching through a Christmas Stocking!



Delicious Sweetie Cone!


What we think

Miss K – Personally, when our stocking arrived I felt very excited, much like our Christmas had just started! When you get a present, you want to feel enthusiastic, special, interested and like the gift was picked out especially for you! I really felt that way when we opened our Voluptasse treat. Unwrapping the individually wrapped gifts was quite magical and I was very impressed with the quality of all the products. The stocking and paper we found to be pretty standard, but for an adult it is just enough to feel the novelty of the gift.

Our couple’s set contains a lot of black and pink, so Mr A could well have bought me something like this (maybe next year!) But the toys themselves are just right for use in a couple. This particular package is also great for beginners in S&M and sex toys due to its naughty yet tame nature. For us, I may have picked something with a little more to treat Mr A. Saying that, all of the items have impressed us and will play a big part in our bedroom antics…

Mr A – I love the concept of the Sexy Christmas Stocking, hats off to Mel for this brilliant idea! Like Miss K has said having the gifts delivered in a stocking and all wrapped up was a lovely touch. It’s an exciting idea for a gift and great that Mel can tailor a stocking to suit your needs.

The Sexy Christmas Stockings from Voluptasse are the perfect extra gift for you or your loved one! I’m really impressed with the quality of the products we received and can’t wait to get them used. Once we’ve played with each of our new toys we’ll be sure to write a review for you guys!


Where to Buy

Voluptasse – £39.99 or more depending on requests.