Woohoo! is a uniquely organic lubricant that not only promises a silky, sensuous feel to enhance any sexual activity, but it also contains only natural, organic ingredients. Many personal lubricants contain irritants and synthetic preservatives, and with your intimate areas being the most absorbent skin on your body why would you apply them? This personal lubricant contains only the most high-quality, organic and chemical-free ingredients to really care for your body.

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Woohoo! is microbiologically tested and NOT tested on animals. It has also been tested amongst 30 couples aged 25-63 by CUTEST laboratories and found that 100% found satisfaction, 90% found their experience was enhanced and 95% said it was easy to apply. It was also dermatologically tested and certified and has Soil Association Organic Certification. This lube can of course be used by anyone of any age or sexual orientation but is particularly useful for those who experience vaginal dryness- something 60% of women ages 18-50 and following the menopause.
Ingredients are:

  • Aqua
  • Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
  • Organic Guar Gum
  • Organic Green Tea Extract
  • Organic Horsetail Extract
  • Organic Locust Bean Gum
  • Carrageenan
  • Rose Ether (Phenoxyethanol)
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Citric Acid


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Easy-to-open lid

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A little goes a long way!


What she says

Even from the packaging I love that this personal lubricant appears skin-safe, pure and organic. It’s simple but effective name actually makes you excited to use it, implying that’s what you’ll think during sex! Its clearly labelled ‘water-based’ and ‘Organic’ with the Soil Association trade mark. I was initially surprised to see that the bottle is only 50mls but actually spreading the lube shows that this could last however long you want it to! Spreading on my hands I could feel how light and silky soft the lubricant was and actually see how much a tiny ‘pea’ sized amount went!

We used it in an all-natural session of foreplay and intercourse. I found the lube to be actually quite seductive when Mr A applied it to me, it was really nice to have some slippery friction over my clitoris and was great to help me get going! We didn’t need much at all and it felt very natural, we didn’t notice we were even using anything but it just made the whole experience…better!

I noticed immediately that I felt no stinging or irritation at all, which was fantastic. But even above that, I felt like I was treating my body with a healthy experience. It was really comforting to think that something I was using might even do the skin down there some good. I’m 25 and have experience some vaginal dryness before, after having various issues such as thrush (which I had for nearly 6 months, not fun!) and a cervical erosion. So after all that, this product might just be what I need to treat my intimate areas with some appreciation and care.


What He Says

I really like the simple design of the packaging and overall look and feel the Woohoo lube has. It looks very safe, friendly and what I think is great about this product is that it’s available over the counter at most pharmacists.

It’s ace that Woohoo lube is created with no paraben, artificial preservatives or colourings AND it’s organic! As it’s water based it’s condom friendly and can be used with sex toys too.

When first applying the lube I did find it flow out of it’s container a little too quick because it’s quite thin and I ended up spilling it on the bed, but this doesn’t really matter as it washes straight out. The lube is very soft and silky and feels good when massaged into the penis. Having used this during both intercourse and masturbation I really like it. Like Miss K has said, it feels very natural and nice to use.

During intercourse it does help speed things up and once the lube has dried up natural lubrication has occurred. During masturbation the lube seems to last quite a long time, but you may find you need to top up towards the end.

It doesn’t seem to have a smell to it, and it’s taste is not very pleasant so I wouldn’t recommend using it during oral sex.

Overall it’s a good lube that you can get from your local chemist and it’s a bargain at around £5. Perfect for solo play or couples, and ideal beginners.



  • Apply as much or as little as you like to intimate areas before or during sex!
  • Enjoy!!

Where to buy

WooHoo are no longer in business, but YES Organic Water-based lube or Sliquid Organic Natural Lubricant would be our recommended replacement to this reviewed product. 

Buy from Lovehoney UK for £16.99, from Lovehoney US for $19.99


Over all, we love what this product has brought to our sex-life and think this will be a regular in our everyday intimate experience. As a woman, I love how this makes me feel like I’m treating my most intimate areas with respect! And for the man, well, if she’s happy, he’s happy, right?

We give this 8/10