Cascade Wave Review – The worlds first self lubricating vibe

World's first self-lubricating vibrator!

Last month we took a look at the Cascade range, “the worlds first self lubricating vibrator” (PREVIOUS POST HERE), the lovely guys at Strawberry Blushes sent us this innovative vibe to review.

This exciting new design by Cascade involves an extremely powerful vibrator, 3 speeds with 3 different vibrations, a gorgeous design with soft silicone body, easy controller, AND it self-lubricates! Yes that’s right, this attractive internal vibrator not only has some really intense settings and a soft, rippled silicone structure but also releases lubricant from the tip of the vibrator at the touch of a button, giving you all you need for the whole self-pleasure or foreplay experience.

The packaging and contents

The packaging and contents

The Cascade Wave in all its glory

The Cascade Wave in all its glory

This beautifully designed sexy toy comes in a box with instructions, one lubricant capsule (which allows 30 uses of the lube button), a USB charger cable and hub. To apply the lubrication capsule, simply twist open and remove the sleeve, pull down the cover and insert the capsule. Replace the cover and you’re ready to go. Turn on the vibrator using the on/off button to the right, press again to turn on the softest vibration and press twice more for the increasingly intense vibrations. Press the button to the left for three different vibration settings and the button in the middle to release lube as you need it.

Dispensing the lube

Dispensing the lube

How to insert the lube canister

How to insert the lube canister


What she says

I was very excited to receive this toy, and on delivery I wasn’t disappointed. Its very clean, attractive and modern box is very nicely designed. The vibrator itself is also very attractive, the one we received being a purple Cascade Wave. The shaft is incredibly soft, with impressive size and vibrations. The lube comes out of the end of the shaft which is kind of erotic, and can be smoothed down the shaft to create a ready-lubed toy. The shaft itself can be completely removed after use for extremely easy cleaning and to access the lube. We received a pack of lube canisters for testing purposes, but as the toy comes with one lube we advise buying a couple more at the same time (link at the bottom).

When I used the toy, I had to get used to the controls and play around a little, and while the vibrations are extremely strong and satisfying, I couldn’t really feel a huge difference in the power settings. I had to run through them a few times to distinguish the three different powers, but the most intense vibration was impressive and definitely helped to get warmed up! The pattern setting was easy to define, with the continuous vibration, on and off vibration and building vibration all having differing effects. The building vibration wasn’t the best pattern, and having used vibes with similar settings, the patterns in this toy seemed very different to others.

When I established the settings that I most enjoyed, I used the lube button and this definitely made the toy a whole lot more desirable. The lube itself seemed really good quality, did a good job and didn’t irritate at all. I found the dispensing of the lube really exciting, like I was waiting for a treat to appear. It was easily smoothed along and right there at the push of the button to give a really pleasurable and fuss-free session. In using the toy I really appreciated the ripple effect too, and in combination with the vibrations and the lube this vibrator really did the job well!

Overall, this toy is a huge development in terms of vibrators and having the lube right there at the touch of a button makes this a real novelty toy. I found the use of the toy easy, but the settings a little dull. The vibrations were impressive and did the job, but without the use of the lube, the toy alone isn’t the best vibrator out there. It was reasonably quiet, with the lube mechanism just a little louder than the vibrations. Personally, I like the option for bath-time use; this toy isn’t submersible and obviously to use this toy in water would kind-of defeat the object. The whole design and function of this toy is spot on, however, and is perfect for those who love the use of lube with toys like this!


What he says

Obviously this is more of a “What she says” review, but I love innovative sex toys and this is certainly one of those. I think the guys at Cascade have had a brilliant idea incorporating the lubrication in with the actual toy, very clever. The overall look and feel of the product is very classy and well thought out, with a great logo and packaging. I’m hoping they’ll some how integrate this technology into male sex toys!


  • Test the lube dispenser to ensure the canister is in the right place before using.
  • Remove the silicone casing to clean and clean the rest of the toy with wipes.
  • Go through the buttons and each setting to get the hang of the controls before using.
  • NOT advised to submerge the whole toy in water; although not mentioned on packaging / in the instructions, they do suggest this toy isn’t water-proof.



Where to buy

Strawberry Blushes (currently unavailable)

Cascade Wave (as reviewed) – £74.95
Cascade Ripple – £74.95
Cascade Flow – £74.95

Cascade Lubricant Capsules – £7.95

Ann Summers

Cascade Ripple – £40
Cascade Lube Pack of 3 – £10

SexShop 365

Cascade Vibe – £66.49



A really impressive idea, and while the vibrator itself didn’t blow my mind, the combination of quality toy and innovative idea really sets this toy out from the rest!

We give this 7/10




Good Things

  • Lube at the press of a button
  • Ripple effect to enhance sensation
  • USB chargeable
  • Travel lock mode

Bad Things

  • Loud mechanism
  • Flimsy connections from plastic to silicone
  • Have to buy cannisters of lube

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