Ben Wa Balls are pleasure balls, usually metal or silicone, with weights inside which move round with motion. Inserted into the vagina, much like love eggs, they can be used to stimulate the g-spot gently and teasingly. The difference with love eggs and Ben Wa Balls, however, are that love eggs vibrate and often lead to orgasm, where as the Ben Wa Balls are used to tease and give gradual, built up sensations. The balls can be inserted for any number of hours and used, for example, for a long tantric lead up to sex or to strengthen the muscles.

The Lovehoney Silicone Pleasure Balls within their wonderful 50 Shades Range, are Ben Wa style love balls, and much like in the novel, are a tantalising sexual treat, ideal for Christian Grey-style foreplay. The pleasure balls themselves, much like the attractive, sultry packaging, are very alluring and elegant. The inner, plastic, firm, shiny eggs are what hold the small weights themselves, and the silicone outer layer enables the balls to be inserted with comfort and removed with ease.


Ben Wa Balls Packaging and Satin Bag

Ben Wa Balls Packaging and Satin Bag

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls


What she says

As a first-time user of Ben Wa Balls, or love eggs of any kind for that matter, I wasn’t sure at all what to expect. The thought of having a cheeky little thrill whilst doing everyday things made me aroused and so that’s what I did. Insertion of the balls was a strange experience, and I needed a little clitoral stimulation to get the muscles relaxed and a lubricant, like the Lovehoney water-based lubricant, to actually insert the balls.

One of the main uses of the Ben Wa Balls are to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, and once in I definitely felt that I had to clench to keep them in place. As I giggled to myself and decided to try doing everyday chores, I was a little distracted by the need to clench the pelvic floor at first, but this got easier after a few minutes and as time went on the movement of the weights became quite pleasurable. When I decided to sit down, the sensation sent waves of pleasure through my body and suddenly I was extremely aroused. Squeezing sat down meant I could feel the movement on my g-spot and then completing tasks in different positions gave different responses. The removal of the balls was easy and felt secure, just by pulling on the silicone cord.

As quite an impatient person, I found the balls to be the perfect type of foreplay, as they teased and tantilised until I needed more. For those that enjoy tantric sex and a longer build up, these are the perfect toy for you and I’m sure they could be used in many different everyday situations and even outside the home. Let’s not forget that these unique little balls can also be used to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which for women is vital in protecting your continence and sexual tone. This means the toy is not only great for women looking for a new way to explore their sexual arousal, but is a pleasurable way of regaining strength of the pelvic floor muscles, for example, after pregnancy or later on in life.


What he says

Being a toy for the girls, there’s nothing really I can say about these. Although what I can say is that the design of the toy is very tasteful and the matte black look adds a premium, sexy feel to the toy. Another thing I loved is after using the Ben Wa Balls Miss K was extremely horny and dragged me straight off to the bedroom.



  • For the more advanced users out there, Lovehoney also has the 50 Shades Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, with a heavier weight and more challenging shape.
  • Use lots of lube for insertion and do what ever you need to relax the muscles eg clitoral stimulation and positioning.
  • Have fun with it and do everyday tasks in front of your partner, letting them know you’ve got them in.
  • To wash them properly, take the balls out of the silicone casing and wash separately.
  • Do not use as an anal toy.



The Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben Wa Balls are available from Lovehoney UK for £19.99 and Lovehoney US for $24.99



Overall, this toy deserves an 8/10. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the longer they were in, the more comfortable they felt. I’ll definitely be using them again, but more as a lead up to sex. Tantric sex lovers, and Grey fanatics alike will really rate this toy as an extremely luxurious 50 Shades version of Ben Wa Balls.