Leading premium sex toy manufacturer LELO have some interesting and credible predictions for the sexual habits of 2016. Male anal pleasure products saw nearly 200% increase in sales for 2015, and with gender expression and sexual identity already a hot-topic of conversation, 2016 is set to be the year to let go and explore, with anal sex, prostate massaging and pegging predicted to become much more popular. Steve Thomson, Chief Marketing Officer at LELO, says:
It seems that we are approaching a critical mass of sex and sexuality in 2016. There is a growing gulf between liberal and conservative attitudes throughout the Western world, and generally speaking the more progressive liberal side is growing at a faster rate than the conservative side. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the sex toy industry: even we at LELO were delighted by the popularity of our newest prostate massagers, such as the LOKI™ Wave. The thirst and the desire is there, and 2016 will be the year that there is a huge revolution in mainstream sexual attitudes.
Here at XC, we agree that 2016 seems set to be a year of exploration, with sexual expression more open than ever, and gender and LGBT stereotypes out the window, all pleasure is now for all. There are now many toys on the market aimed for a ‘no-limits’ sexual experience, with male anal toys aimed more towards heterosexual males and the information being shared that there are major health benefits to prostate massage. The majority of our views were male-orientated products for 2015, so we can see how male sex toys have taken over the market and so this prediction seems pretty spot-on!