New and improved, the gorgeous Nexus Stainless Steel Bullet is one really soft, shiny, seductive toy. The 5 settings to the toy are low, high, slow pulse, fast pulse and escalating to enable the user to find the right stimulation for them. Practically silent and 100% waterproof, with the smooth cold feel of the metal really adds to a slightly kinky and unique experience.

The Nexus Stainless Steel Bullet Packaging

The Nexus Stainless Steel Bullet

Just slip the LR1 battery into place, screw on the top tightly and go! The single button at the top is metal just like the rest of the toy and can be pressed with just a tiny click and pleasure is yours without very much effort.

The Nexus Stainless Steel Bullet

The Nexus Stainless Steel Bullet

The bullet comes in a small box without very much packaging but is presented as a premium toy. Simple, elegant, and with a kinky medical feel, this toy is extremely unique and luxurious.

Power Button

Power Button

N Battery

N Battery


What he says

I think the design of this toy is really clever, the smooth stainless steal is really sensual and adds a bit of something different to the bedroom. This toy would be really good for medical or temperature play and for foreplay in particular.

I think for us, it does work as a bit of something different in foreplay with the cold steel, but the reaction wasn’t what I wanted from Miss K. Unfortunately other toys we’ve used have had a more intense vibration setting to give the reaction we wanted. Just one more setting might have done it!


What she says

The first thing I loved about this toy was the fact that it didn’t come in a lot of packaging. It didn’t come with its own pouch either, so the packaging is small enough to fit into a small space in a drawer, cupboard or box. It’s obvious that the bullet is easy to use, it takes a battery that is used for most bullets so easy to get hold of and the whole design is so simple. Just a very light press of the button scrolls through the settings. It certainly looks waterproof as when tightened, the join can barely be seen and one of the seductive aspects of this toy is that it is continuous with its design.

I do love how simple the Nexus bullet is, suitable for anyone, for any use. The stainless steel surface feels naughty and takes any temperature, warm to cold. This makes the bullet perfect for medical play or for those who are enticed a bit of metal in the bedroom.

When I used this bullet, I just couldn’t help being dissatisfied with the vibrations. The intensity just wouldn’t do the job for me and I scrolled round the settings trying to get some pleasure from one of them. The cold, smooth bullet did feel good but I craved much more, and turned to one of my other toys to get some satisfaction. I do like this toy, I just think it needs a bit more buzz!



  • Use water-based lube to enhance your experience.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place to really get the best out of this toy!
  • Make sure it’s fully turned off (perhaps ever remove the battery when stored) as the button is very easy to press!


Where to buy

Nexus Stainless Steel 5 Speed Bullet – £35.00



Over all I think the concept is really sleek and sexy- the cold, smooth steel is really sensual against the skin. The vibrations are enough to turn on, but not quite enough for me, personally. I’d love if they had a few more settings to this bullet, and I feel like it’s quite expensive for a 5 speed bullet.

I give this bullet 7/10