Introducing our guest writer, Miss J, who was sent the Twenty One from Bijoux Indiscrets in exchange for an honest and detailed review.

The Twenty One is a luxury vibrator in the shape of, the ‘girls best friend’ – a diamond!! This beautiful phthalate-free, body-safe ABS plastic has a Gold Plated glossy coating, so it looks and feels like your special treat.

Made by international company originating in Barcelona in 2006; this product really shows off the brand’s philosophy: sophisticated, playful and affordable.


The Contents

Your ‘diamond’ has 3 vibration speeds and 7 vibration patterns to satisfy externally. With 1 year warranty, this re-usable diamond vibrator will have a long lifespan, and it’s rechargeable, 2-3 hours charging time gives 1 hour usage time!


Twenty One in the box

The Twenty One comes with a subtle soft black satin bag to keep your ‘diamond’ in.. but personally I’m going to keep it in the jewellery box, and I’m sure others will too! It is fully waterproof and so it can be used for pleasure in the bath or shower. This also means it can be cleaned effortlessly.

Your Twenty One is great to use alone or with a partner, delivering powerful vibrations to the clitoris. It is the perfect size and shape for intense, powerful and precise stimulation. Water-based or silicone lube can be used with this toy due to its ABS plastic exterior.

Contents: Twenty One vibrating diamond, satin storage pouch, user manual, quick start guide and USB charger.


Golden Diamond

What she says

I’ve never used a Bijoux Indiscrets product before, and wow, I am impressed! My first impression of the toy, is that it is a glamorous, luxurious product, which is an exciting change from using standard bullets. It feels really well made and like a lot of time and thought has been put into the product and its packaging.

The Twenty One is in a gold box, within it, a black jewellery box displaying your toy- so it really feels like you’re getting a diamond, which is what any woman wants! I really love the design of Twenty One. The gold plated plastic and shape of the diamond is original and unique and the included tips on how to use the product really work.

“Enjoy, Massage, Focus” are the tips Bijoux provide on how to stimulate erogenous zones of your body. Due to the shape, I wouldn’t recommend using this whilst having sex as it’ll get in the way, however, this product is really enjoyable together during foreplay.

For me, the best tip from Bijoux was “Focus”, this is where you use the rounded edge to stimulate your clitoris. “Enjoy” – the top flat surface and “Massage” – the side surface, wasn’t a strong enough vibration for me to reach climax. But I suppose that’s completely down to the user, and if you want a tease or to get right to the point!

Pressing the + button turns the first of the three vibrating speeds on, and you have to click through a few more times to reach the different pattern modes. This toy is really easy to use and to choose your favourite mode. The toy is slightly noisy, but with power like this I’d expect it to be on the louder side!



USB charging

The fact that the toy is rechargeable through a computer makes it feel very modern, and I’m very impressed that you can now charge many toys through a USB port! Also with the added bonus of never having to buy batteries!

The only difficulty I had with the Twenty One, is that the button to change the speeds is within the plastic , and this means you have to press a little harder than silicone toys, meaning a little bit of a distraction when you’re trying to enjoy the pleasure! To be honest, though, this is a tiny sacrifice for that overall fantastic product. The small black bag makes it easy to take the toy away with you wherever you desire which is also a nice touch Bijoux have added.

Knowing how great this product is, I will definitely be recommending  it to my girlfriends for Christmas!

What he says

Firstly, I was a bit optimistic with what the product looked like and the size of the toy, as I thought it looked a little large to use together during sex. I was right mainly as it just didn’t work during intercourse. It was really easy to use together for foreplay, and the shape of the diamond actually enhanced the experience because of the different surfaces you could use.

As Miss J said above, I also struggled to use the button because it sits too flat to the surface, so it just takes a bit more pressure when changing the vibration modes. However I really like the design of Twenty One it seems very luxurious and really suited for women.


The Twenty One comes with tips as to how to use the toy and the function of each part of the toy. I found this really helpful as you’re sometimes left to discover what the toy does with no clue of how to get the best out of it! Having pointers with how to use this toy really made the experience a lot more enjoyable, as the shape is more interesting than other toys I’ve experienced.

  • Use the lube included within the box, to enhance the experience.
  • Use to build up the tension in foreplay.
  • Try all sides of the diamond, as recommended in the booklet.

Where to buy

Bijoux Indiscrets – £49.95


We give this an overall rating of 9/10.

I really was impressed with this product, it ticked all the boxes and is clearly made to last for a long time.

I feel it is within budget for someone who’s going to use it all the time, but even for casual use, I feel that it is a great price for what you get.