The Jessica Rabbit Ultimate XXTRA G by Loving Joy was sent to us from the very lovely Twisted Miss in return for an honest review.

This bold female toy is shaped like the classic rabbit vibrator, with phallic shape and rabbit ears. Used for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, the rabbit ears vibrate against the clitoris in 6 different patterns. Below the phallic shape are two rows of metallic beads that rotate to give vaginal stimulation in 6 speeds. The Ultimate XXTRA G of this toy is that there’s actually another bullet that vibrates in time with the rabbit to give even more stimulation!


The features

The toy has easy-to-use controls with separate buttons for rotation and vibration on/off and speeds, which light up so you can see what speed you’re at. The rabbit is waterproof, so can be used in the bath * and is made from phthalate free thermo-plastic rubber. It measures 10.25 x 1.25 inches (insert-able length around 4 inches) and takes 4 x AA batteries. The cap screws off the end to slip out the battery case and screws back on tightly for playtime!


Jessica Rabbit Ultimate XXtra G


What she says

I had no pre-judgements about the Jessica Rabbit. I’ve tried the rampant rabbit and although it looks very different, I did believe this toy could work for me. When I received the Jessica Rabbit I was excited to try it. I was impressed with the design of the packaging and the toy appeared to be well made for the cost of the product. The controls were self-explanatory and easy to access, with lights to show what speed you’re at, which I actually quite liked.

The first issue I came to was finding batteries! We have some chargeable ones but they haven’t been on charge for ages as we don’t use them for anything! The majority of our toys are chargeable with USB plugs or AAA single batteries. So I plugged our chargeable ones in and waited…


The battery compartment


The controls

After the wait I decided I’d try the toy in the bath- my usual choice for full relaxation! I put the batteries in and screwed on the cap, making sure the toy was fully closed and as tight as possible. I tried out the settings- immediately I could see the vibration settings to the rabbit were intense! When I tried it out the vibrations did impress! But the rubber texture to the toy and the rotation of the beads really didn’t do it for me! In fact I found both the rubber and the beads to feel really uncomfortable and off-putting.

But then came the real reason I don’t rate this toy. It slowed to a stop suddenly and I knew something was wrong. I brought the toy out of the water and saw, through the transparent rubber, that the section where the beads sat was full of water! The toy wouldn’t work at all, and to be honest I was a little freaked out so I put the toy on the floor, away from the bath. When I inspected the toy after my bath, the entire battery section was full of water and it was still swimming around inside next to the metal beads. Needless to say it wouldn’t work at all and I didn’t want it to! I was appalled that the toy that claimed to be waterproof. My re-chargeable batteries could be ruined, my toy was ruined and that could have been potentially dangerous.


The Rabbit and Extra Bullet

I went back to the box and toy to inspect again later on. Definitely claims to be waterproof. I definitely screwed on the cap tightly, not user error. Also, the beads claim to ‘massage you into submission’, hmmm…not really sure what part of my anatomy they’re aiming for, but my vagina really wasn’t too fussed about these beads.



  • *Don’t use in the bath.
  • Use water-based lube to enhance your experience.
  • Get a stock of AA batteries if you don’t already have some.
  • Experiment with speed and rotation to find the perfect settings for you!


Where to buy

This toy isn’t for me, but if you do want to try:

Buy Here- Jessica Rabbit Ultimate XXTRA G £31.95

OR visit TwistedMiss for more amazing options. This particular toy may have failed to impress me, however, the company offer some other fantastic toys, and provide discreet, speedy delivery. Twisted Miss also offer a 14 day satisfaction guarantee on any of their items.

Our friend Cara Sutra also had a similar experience with a Jessica Rabbit Original. In light of a few safety aspects I’d just be very careful with this brand. Read her review HERE.


Overall, there have been so many amazing reviews for this toy, so it just might be for you. Unfortunately, my use in the bath ruined the whole thing for me, so I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

I give this 2/10