Leading premium toy producers LELO have pushed their top-end remote sex toys to new depths with the world’s first ever remote-controlled rotating and vibrating pleasure beads. The HULA Beads boast intense rotations and vibrations that can be experienced in two ways; by inserting just the top means the vibrations are concentrated around the labia and vibrate to the clitoris, inserting all the way means the toy is discreet for outdoor play and rotates on the g-spot.

The controller follows the same design as the rest of LELO’s premium remote-controlled toys. Both are made from smooth, body-safe silicone, with LELO’s signature soft, attractive, shiny plastic detailing. The remote not only has 8 rotation and vibration patterns to choose from, but contains LELO’s exclusive SenseMotion Technology, where the remote is sensitive to the users movements; the faster the remote is moved the more intense the vibrations. One function also means the controller can be tilted 90 degrees to give a powerful burst of pleasure.

The toy is 100% waterproof so you can be pleasured anywhere, even in the bath or shower. The main unit recharges by plugging into the mains and the controller takes two AAA batteries. Full charge should give 2 hours use and 60 day standby. The functions can be browsed through on the unit itself if you want to use the HULA on its own; or the wireless remote can be used to go through all 8 functions to find your favourite along with the desired intensity. The remote can reach a distance 12 meters or 39 feet, so your partner can take charge around the house, in the car, in a restaurant…the possibilities are endless.


LELO Premium Toy

As always with LELO, the packaging, box and contents give really high-end first impressions. The box displays your purchase while the compartment holds the rest of your goodies. In the pack is: 1 Controller, 1 HULA Beads, 1 user manual, 1 authenticity card, 1 sachet of LELO lube, 1 mains charger, 1 satin pouch to keep your toy clean and safe, 1 key to open the controller unit and two AAA batteries. The toy also has a 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee, making the cost of this toy really worth every penny.


LELO: Hula Contents


What she says

My appreciation for LELO toys develops at every use. I loved the sound of the Hula Beads when we first found out about it! Being a beginner yet a fan of pleasure beads, I love the build-up that a toy like this gives. Not only is this toy a world first, but also the incredible LELO have their premium stamp all over it! The packaging is incredibly smart as is common with LELO products; every part of the contents shows the care and excellence that went into the design.

We received black, which is all we’ve ever seen to be honest! We’d love to review a different colour LELO toy just to see it! The body-safe silicone is deliciously soft to touch, the shiny smooth plastic really adding to the top-quality look of the toy. Against the skin, the silicone feels so gentle and the perfection of the materials and manufacture of the HULA means you really feel like you can trust it.


The Hula with controller


The Hula

Being such an attractive toy, I hoped it would live up to expectations when we used it. So we both had a browse at the functions first, and it’s so easy to use! Scroll through the functions on the middle button of the controller to find 2 SenseMotion settings and 6 standard LELO vibration patterns. The plus and minus control the intensity. To turn on both units so you can use them together, simply press the middle button twice and the button on the HULA twice and try out the functions!

We tried them out while I was holding it and Mr A controlling it, and walked around the house; the range was amazing! I could hold the HULA in every corner of the house while Mr A controlled it from downstairs! The HULA can also be used on its own, simply turn on and scroll through the functions using the little button pictured. Just make sure you turn off both units properly though, a few times I’d put them back in the box and then saw the light was still flashing. To turn off completely just press the button in until the light goes off.


Charging the Hula

I couldn’t wait any longer to try and decided to go for my favourite and get in the bath! I did offer Mr A to join in the fun and use the controller from our living room but he was busy with work, so I held the controller myself. I was already aroused thinking about the new toy, but still used a bit of lube just to make sure inserting the toy was as comfortable as possible. It was really fine and I got in the bath and tried out a few settings. I decided to move around and have a wash and wash my hair.

I could hear the faint buzzing but it’s actually very quiet once fully inside, so this would be the obvious way to use it in public. It didn’t blow me away at first and then suddenly I moved and it was really amazing! I could have probably climaxed using the toy and moving around, but I couldn’t take it any more! I jumped out and shouted Mr A telling him I needed him to finish the job! It was comfortable to remove with the easy-to-find chord attached. And I couldn’t believe how ready I was!!!! The perfect foreplay or build-up to sex!!


What he says

As you can see from Miss K’s review she bloody loved the Hula Beads, this makes me happy! As you’ll see in all our LELO reviews I really love their company and quality of toys. You might think they’re quite expensive but you really do get what you pay for.

With this being mainly a female toy, it’s the wireless controller that allows us guys to interact and have some fun with the other half. Like Miss K has mentioned above, the range on the controller is really good and means you can control her pleasure while in a different room of the house. This range means you can surprise her with intense vibrations or settings.

The LELO Hula beads is another great toy by LELO, I look forward to seeing what other sex toys they have coming our way!



  • Warm yourself up before use- insertion will be more comfortable when aroused.
  • Use lube to insert.
  • Do everyday tasks while wearing and move around to feel the full effect.
  • Give your partner the controls.
  • Try one bead in and both beads in.


Where to buy

LELO HULA – £119

Available in Black, Ocean Blue and Deep Pink.



We still want to experiment with this toy, using it together and in the local pub maybe! But first impressions were amazing! I’ve made sure this is at the top of our toy box. Perfect for the young and old alike, great exercise and stimulation for women. Great as a couples toy or as a solo more tantric approach to orgasms. The LELO Hula Beads Can be used in public so it’s naughty, and remove to be completely ready for sex (so he can’t complain either!!)

We give this 10/10


We’d like to thank LELO’s PR agency for sending us this product to review (free of charge) in return for a balanced, honest review.