The new LELO LUNA Smart Bead is not a sex toy, but a premium pleasure trainer. This pretty Pink or Deep Rose bead takes one AAA battery, and comes with its very own pouch, instruction manual, 1-year Warranty and 10- year Quality Guarantee.

The smooth, matte, body-safe silicone / ABS exterior is shaped to fit the vagina perfectly, with attached string for ease when removing. The bead measures 31 x 34 x 82 mm and twists apart to fit the battery.

Simply switch the unit on using the button to the side. Insert with some water-based lube and squeeze the pelvic floor muscles when it vibrates! The LUNA Smart Bead has touch sensors which measures your orgasm-potential to select the routine that’s right for you. There are 5 progressive vibration levels and the intelligent memory function remembers your progress.


The LELO LUNA Smart Bead

It may be battery-powered but one AAA battery gives enough power for up to 200 routines. The LUNA Smart Bead can also be used in the bath or shower, as it’s 100% waterproof. The Kegel exercise routine requires you squeeze when the unit vibrates and relax when it stops. Following this routine regularly can strengthen the pelvic floor, making your orgasms stronger and more satisfaction for both him and her.


The LELO LUNA Smart Bead Takes One AAA Battery.

The LUNA Smart Bead also has a continuous vibration mode for pleasure after exercise (not guaranteed to cause climax).

What she says

The LUNA Smart Bead was an interesting concept to me when I first read about it. I love LELO products and this is a slightly different direction from most, being an exercise product rather than for pleasure. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel a bit turned on when using the product (it does still vibrate after all) but the bead is primarily for exercise.

Without the battery, the bead feels lighter than the re-chargeable products LELO has to offer. This could be mistaken for feeling cheap, but the bead is just as fantastic quality as the others. The LUNA Bead is extremely well made and the silicone feels soft and smooth. I was sent the Deep Rose colour, with white trim and loop. I think this is a cute colour and looks smart, but there isn’t a lot more than pink in the range. Not really a problem I guess, seeing as though the unit goes up into your vagina, it didn’t really matter to me for long.

Pop a battery in and secure easily to return the bead to its shape. Press the button to one side to turn on. The light will flash and the unit will give you some time to insert before starting the first routine. Press the button down for a few seconds to turn off, and make sure that if you’re not using the unit for a while then remove the battery. The best results are by using the unit for 5 mins daily for an extended period of time.

I’ve used the pleasure trainer a couple of times now, whilst doing household chores like washing the dishes and hoovering. It can be a little distracting at first but you soon get into the ‘squeeze while it vibrates, relax when it stops’ routine. I got it the wrong way around once and had to correct myself, but it was no problem and didn’t take long to get the hang of it again. It’s funny, doing the washing up while something vibrates inside you, so I guess it has a ‘naughty’ element to it, and the vibrations don’t sit on the G-Spot but it is still a vibration. So really, this is something that might put you in the mood! I might have washed the same dish a couple of times at first!

I inserted using a bit of water-based lube and it was easy enough to get into place in the time it took for me to press the button and insert it. The vibrations started and I then went to do the dishes. It was a good length for a routine, but didn’t seem to take ages. The vibrations do feel directed towards the pelvic floor, so it gives you a quick reminder of what you’re meant to do. It pauses in-between routines, so I gave it a little squeeze to make sure it was still on. It started again but I don’t know if I did this or I just got the correct timing. By the time I’d finished the dishes, I’d finished the routine. The unit had completely stopped and I went up to the bathroom to remove it and wash it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

It would be a great routine to use in the shower, or, as I did, while doing chores. This just shows how someone with a hectic lifestyle can fit in such an un-complicated exercise routine, with the aim of improving sexual health and well-being. It’s considered healthy to exercise other muscles, so why not pelvic floor!?

What he says

Miss K hasn’t been using this for very long so I can’t really comment on the effects as yet. We’ll update with anything if I do though. I think it seems to be a great idea and worth the investment if you want to stay sexually healthy as a woman, and as a couple. Exercising the pelvic floor is important for women of all generations, but we’ll be particularly interested if this works to improve her tone after we start a family!


  • Use water-based lube to insert
  • Squeeze your pelvic floor when it vibrates, relax when it stops
  • Make your way through the routine, once daily for an extended period of time to really see results
  • Wash with soap and water
  • Use in the bath or shower
  • Multi-task! Use when completing everyday tasks
  • Remove battery if you know you won’t be using it for a while.

Where to buy

LELO Luna Smart Bead – £69


I have to try out the LUNA Bead a little more to really see the effects, but I certainly could see how the routine would strengthen over time from all that squeezing! Perfect for women of any generation who want to keep their pelvic floor healthy. I think LELO have done an amazing job and it is a quality product, but the price for something like this is a little steep. For that reason, I give this..