We wrote a post a few months ago about the iGino and their sex toy design they were hoping to get funding for. The guys at iGino were kind enough to send us one of their pre-production toys to review. Below is a bit of information about the iGino incase you didn’t see our last post, followed by Miss K’s review.

“The iGino uses vibraMoove which is a a technology they’ve patented.  Combining vibrations with movement the tip/head of the personal vibrator is meant to mimic the natural movement of a woman’s finger. This combined with the warm finish of the skin-touch head (which pops over the tip) will apparently add to the intensity of your pleasure.

One of the little features we like about the toy is the protective cover that pops onto the top of the head to keep it nice and clean. With the toy you get a velvet pouch, a USB cable, a flip out USB stick which plug directly into your laptop to charge (again something we like) and an EU to US plug adapter.

The toy looks nice and compact (smaller than an iPhone) and would fit in your back pocket, but also nice a thin so it can fit between two bodies during sex. For a first sex toy design from iGino I think it’s been really nicely thought out and well planned. The design of the product and packaging is very clean and nonthreatening.”


iGino and it's box

iGino and it’s box

IGino ready to be charged using it's USB charger.

IGino ready to be charged using it’s USB charger.



What she says

This toy is innovative yet simple in design. It comes in a box similar to what you would get an iPhone in, which is obviously a play on the iGino name, and the toy itself is also shaped a lot like an iPhone, with a detractable USB charger port at the bottom, and one simple button at the side. When you remove the lid it reveals one bright pink nub with a soft pink ring around it. The whole of the toy has a theme of bright pink and white, showing that it is ultimately a woman’s mastabator. The toy also comes with two charger ports to attach to the USB and an extension cable, a soft travel bag and extra soft pieces, including the flower piece to attach to the nub of the toy.

Firstly I think this toy is pretty and attractive! The little nub is quite erotic as it’s a little like a clitoris, so it is a bit of a shame that it isn’t soft and that you have to apply the flower shaped soft sponge, but this is also very cute so it’s easy to get over. The use of the toy couldn’t be more simple, with one button to the side of the toy for one single speed. Immediately I could see that the vibrations are powerful and it really does pack a punch. Even with the soft padded flower, the vibrations are really intense, and got me going very quickly! I have to say that for a bit more of a tease, because there are no other vibration settings, you have to move the toy around a lot more than other toys to give a bit of variation. But this is made easy as the toy is so easy to hold and maneuver.

One thing about this toy, though, is that it is very loud. It couldn’t be used in private or secretly, and it did even grab the attention of the cat! As a method of foreplay, this toy wouldn’t be ideal, as it’s less of a tease and more of a ‘oh my god’ with its vibrations. I actually used it for the first time as a kind of warm-up to sex and came very quickly! Obviously this didn’t ruin the sex, in fact it made me quite sensitive, but the experience was little less teasing for me.


IGino with skinTouch head on

IGino with skinTouch head on

toy view of the skinTouch head

toy view of the skinTouch head

The power switch

The power switch

The content of the iGino box

The content of the iGino box


What he says

I like how iGino have recreated the iPhone’s packaging for their toy, it keeps it nice and easy to store away and doesn’t take up much room at all. I see what they’ve done with the overall design of the toy but I’m not 100% convinced it works for a sex toy. The material it’s made of seems quite hard, rigid and shiny, as apposed to the more soft, curvy female toys you see on the market.

Saying that thought Miss K seemed to really like the extremely powerful vibrations that were coming from the toy. From the sound that’s given off from the iGino toy it’s obvious the creator has gone into a lot of trouble to make the vibration very powerful, although this adds a negative overall point to the toy as it’s not very discreet at all. The moans of pleasure coming from Miss K were very distracting and made me quickly finish of the XtraCurricular updates I was working on.

We tried using the toy inbetween ourselves during intercourse but found the overall shape of the toy uncomfortable and every time we got close to each other the vibrations stopped due to the pressure of our bodies.

Although there’s quite a few negatives with this product, It’s a first of what I’m sure will be many toys that the iGino team will design. I’m sure all the reviews iGino receive from their current model will help them to improve gradually through time their sex toy.


Where to buy

The iGino is available from SexDepot.co.ukfor £69.99




Overall, this is a fantastic, toy that’s been funded by those interested and independently made. It has style and class, you wouldn’t know it’s a sex toy and it comes travel ready with unique USB charging. The simple one-speed design is so so powerful and really does it’s job as a personal massager, but during foreplay, might have benefit from some other speeds or rhythms. We also noticed that the iGino claims to work during sex by placing the toy inbetween when in missionary. This didn’t work for us, as the powerful vibrations simply stopped under the pressure and the box shape was quite uncomfortable.

We would recommend this as a women’s personal massager, but perhaps not to use with a partner.