The Rampant Rabbit is probably the most famous of sex toys, and undoubtedly one that every woman should try. But this particular version is what every woman requires of a toy. ‘The Rippling One’ is not only pretty, with its pink, smooth and soft exterior, but its shaft actually moves. This, combined with the Rabbit’s clitoral stimulation, is a must-have toy guaranteed to have you in waves of pleasure.


She says

As my first ‘real’ toy, I found the Rampant Rabbit to appear a little scary in most forms, but this has a gentle yet erotic appearance that made me feel much more comfortable. For self-pleasure, it’s simple to control, with separate control buttons for the ripples in the shaft and for the vibration of the rabbit ears.

The ripples can be selected to go in either direction and in 3 speeds, which, depending on each individual, encourage a different orgasmic stroking sensation with each penetration. The rabbit clitoral stimulator has 7 different speeds, from gentle and erotic to teasing, to intense continuous pleasure. Both of these functions, used separately or together, make for one big electrifying response.

For use with a partner, this toy is too pretty to be intimidating, too simple to get wrong. The controls are easy to master and once your partner finds the right combination, it can be used in whatever way required. This is a great toy that could be used to tease and use as foreplay as well as for full penetration.


He says

It’s big, it’s pink and I don’t care what she says It looks bloody intimidating. Once you get it in your head that it’ll never replace you, you’ll be fine. Female vibrators in general are a great way of pleasuring your partner and it’s incredibly sexy knowing your the one controlling it.



  • Use with silicone friendly lube for ease of use and more intense sensations.
  • WATERPROOF – great for in the shower or bath!
  • Easy to clean – always clean with wipes or water after use. As with most silicone sex toys, this toy could be prone to collecting dust and fluff if not stored properly – ensure it is kept in the box / packaging to promote a long time of clean, safe and fun enjoyment. (view our cleaning guide here)

Where to Buy

The Rippling one is no longer available from Ann Summers. Lovehoney have a huge selection of Rabbits available. Which one is right for you?

Check out Lovehoney UK and Lovehoney US and let us know which you go for! 


Our Rating