The Glow Sleeves created by California Exotic Novelties are designed to add extra fun to the bedroom, making your manhood glow in the dark like a lightsaber.

The sleeves are made out of a super-stretchy rubber like material which  makes for a comfortable fit. Each sleeve contains unique nodules to help add to stimulation. Not only can these be used as a penis sleeve, but can also be slipped over your favorite vibrator for extra pleasure.

Glow Sleeve Packaging

Glow Sleeve Packaging

What she says

When we got this through the post, I just laughed and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. The alien-like glow in the dark sleeves are very hilarious and slightly painful looking, but always up for a laugh, we decided to try them that night and see what we thought. Out of the packaging, the sleeves felt rubbery and smooth, much like a very thick condom. After putting them under a bright light, we used them after foreplay, when he was hard, and the results were just hilarious. We laughed as he tried on both types, the scary-looking spikey one and the erotic-looking rippled one, and with the lights off his penis was like a beacon, and I could really tell he was enjoying the novelty.

The issue then was that actually, the sleeves cannot be used internally (as recommended on the packaging), so then, what were they for? This is something we didn’t notice until after intercourse. I found sex very off-putting and a bit painful and after a while I was too uncomfortable, and so we had to take it off and start again. Afterwards we read the packaging and spotted the “for external use only” message.

I just didn’t get this product. It is an hilarious novelty item fair enough, but if it not actually recommended to use for sex at all then what is the point of it? There are many other glow-in-the-dark products, such as cock rings and condoms available out there and this product does look more impressive and funny, but if it’s not recommended for internal use, it is kind of a useless product. It might not be as painful and distracting during intercourse for everyone, but this is the experience we had.


What he says

I loved the reaction of Miss K when I showed her what we’d received through the post. I had to agree with her, both sleeves are very funny lucking. My first thought was wondering how the hell it’s going to feel when wearing it. The packaging of the product itself is a bit naff. Reminds me of something from the 90’s, but still it didn’t put me off. Maybe if I were in a shop and picking a toy based on which looked the most premium this would be the last one I’d pick, as it looks a bit cheap and tacky.

We left the sleeves under a light source for a few hours as recommended to “charge” the glow. Then we took them into the bedroom to try out. Lube is a must for this product. The material is very stretchy and rubbery and clings to the skin, so without lube you could hurt yourself while putting the sleeve over your penis. I put a little bit too much lube on at first, to the stage where the sleeve was pinging itself off my penis. Once removing some of the lube I finally got the thing to stay on, but still felt a bit uneasy as I didn’t want it to come off while inside Miss K.

The sensation while wearing the sleeve isn’t unpleasant but a little weird as it desensitizes your penis, this is because the sleeve is quite think and is as if you’re wearing 10 condoms. The sleeves’ groves and nodules make your penis thicker and seem a lot bigger but also bloody funny when the lights are turned off and it’s glowing away.

During intercourse it was apparent almost instantly that Miss K was not a fan of this. It was painful and distracting for her. For me it was ok, but as mentioned above the thickness of the sleeve was decreasing the amount of pleasure I was getting through intercourse. We quickly gave up and continued without the sleeve.

As Miss K mentioned after reading the packaging we saw the “This product is intended for use as a novelty product only. For external use only”. Bit of a mixed message from what the product page says online. As Miss K has said, this was just something that we experienced while using the product. Everyone’s different and I’ve seen a few reviews for similar products where both partners have loved the use of a sleeve.

As I didn’t want to see the product go to waste and never get used again I thought I’d have a see if it could be used in any other way. The site recommends slipping it over a vibrator for extra stimulation. I also discovered that if you turn it inside out and lube it up, the ribbed sleeve is quite a good male masturbator…so this toy isn’t all bad.



  • Use lube to put the sleeve on an erect penis.
  • Try not to put too much lube on the sleeve as they will slide straight off
  • Put under a bright light before use.
  • This product is recommended for external use only. Use internally at your own risk
  • Turned inside out it can be used as a male mastubator



Where to buy – £11.45



Overall we’re personally not really impressed with the Glow Sleeves. With their intended purpose advertised on website and their confusing recommendations on the packaging the Glow Sleeves are merely “novelty” and not for internal use?!

Although these can be used as sleeves for clitoral vibrators, and also inverted to make for an interesting male masturbator, we’re still not keen and so we give them 2/10


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