31st of July is National Orgasm Day and LELO want to make sure you’re getting the best out of this exciting national holiday…

FRUSTRATED Brits have slumped to a new low in the bedroom – with more than three quarters rating their sex lives either ‘non-existent’, ‘could be better’ or ‘underwhelming.’

On the flip side just a quarter of the population can boast their intimate exploits are ‘very good’.

The results – released to mark National Orgasm Day on Sunday 31st July- come from a new survey commissioned by intimate lifestyle brand LELO, who’ve just unveiled their new pleasure-giving condom HEX.

And they paint a concerning snapshot of UK life between the sheets.

Stress appears to be the biggest factor in the nation’s carnal woes, with a substantial 27 per cent complaining that it ‘distracts’ them from sex.

Taking mobile phones into the boudoir also represents an instant mood-killer.

Meanwhile adding to all that anxiety is the worry of having a condom rupture during sex – something that’s happened to more than a third of the population.

Half of those say they’ve had a condom tear up to SIX times during intercourse.

A spokeswoman for LELO – whose HEX condom is made from a ground-breaking hexagonal web structure designed to eliminate breakages, stop slippages and increase pleasure – said:

“Judging by the results of our survey, it’s hard enough just finding time to have sex.

It’s concerning indeed that only a quarter rate their sex lives as ‘very good’ and a paltry 3 per cent say it’s ‘out of this world’.

The vast majority admit there’s significant room for improvement.

And that’s where LELO HEX comes in.

It won’t split, it won’t move around during intercourse and it offers a pleasurable experience that you just don’t get with other condoms.

In short, it’s one less thing to get stressed about when it comes to having some adult fun.”

The LELO survey, conducted by OnePoll, quizzed 1,000 men and women about their sexual habits.

When asked to describe their ‘sex life’, 26 per cent said it was ‘very good’ while only 10 per cent revealed that it was ‘adventurous’.

Those in the North East of England seem to be most sexually satisfied, with almost a third saying their duvet acrobatics were ‘very good’ and a whopping 17 per cent from that region admitting it was even ‘kinky’.

Things in the capital aren’t so ‘kinky, however, with just 5 per cent in London using the word to describe their amorous ways.

Those aged 25-34 are the happiest with their love lives, with 38 per cent saying they enjoyed ‘very good’ sex, compared with just 18 per cent of over 55s.

Half of people ‘in a relationship’ said they had a very good sex life, compared with just 28 per cent of married couples.

But it’s not all good news.

Overall, 16 per cent said their erotic activities were ‘non-existent’, 26 per cent ‘could be better’, 8 per cent ‘underwhelming’, 5 per cent ‘boring’, and 21 per cent ‘room for improvement.

Combined, that’s a whopping 76 per cent of respondents who are less than impressed with the standards of their steamy encounters.

Just 3 per cent said their sex lives were ‘out of this world’ – with the hot spot for that being the East Midlands, where the figure rose to 8 per cent.

Meanwhile more men complained that sex was ‘boring’ or ‘could be better’ when compared to women – 35 per cent of gents compared with 27 per cent of ladies.

Further complicating matters are the number of times a couple see their condom splitting – something the new LELO HEX sheath is trying to eradicate.

Some 28 per cent of those aged 25-34 said they’d experienced such a scenario. And more than half – 56 per cent – said it had happened up to six times.

That figure shoots up dramatically to 66 per cent of 45-54 year olds.

Remarkably, a small percentage of the population – 2.2 per cent – had even experienced a condom breaking on more than eleven occasions.
The survey comes after LELO partnered with Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen to publicise their HEX condom – described as one of the most important innovations in sexual health for 70 years.

Engineers at LELO spent a total of 7 years on developing LELO HEX, promising to ‘re-engineer’ the condom.

It features 350 individual hexagons integrated on the inside of an ultra-thin latex outer, allowing it flex and mould to the uniqueness of the wearer, while it channels unwanted stress through the structure itself.


Dr Christian Jessen reveals: “Anorgasmia is a very real condition which, simply put, means that you’re unable to orgasm. A recent study in the journal of sexual medicine found that women only orgasm 63 per cent of the time with a familiar partner, compared with 85 per cent of men. But if you are struggling to climax, fear not, because there are ways to boost your chances:


Dr Jessen says: “Masturbation is key when it comes to being comfortable with our genitals and our sexual responsiveness. If you struggle to enjoy these sensations on your own it’s likely you’ll struggle even more with a partner. Studies have shown that women who once struggled to orgasm during sex in the missionary position were far more likely to after they were encouraged to try a little solo love, perhaps with a sex toy. Grab a mirror and explore yourself, which will make it easier to give the right hints to your partner.”


“One recent survey found that women had just a 32 per cent chance of climaxing with a partner they’d never had sex with before. And that figure jumped up to 51 per cent if they were sleeping with a partner they’d been intimate with up to six times in the past.”


“To ensure there’s a healthy blood flow to the genitals – vital for arousal – you need to ensure you have good circulation. Quit smoking, eat well, stretch and take part in cardiovascular exercises which strengthen the heart muscles, such as running, swimming or riding a bike. Kegel exercises also strengthen the pelvic floor and lead to stronger vaginal muscles, which in turn leads to more intense – and more regular – orgasms. To strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, sit comfortably and squeeze your pelvic muscles 10 to 15 times in a row, releasing after a second or two”


Some interesting statistics here.. we’re taking note of National Orgasm Day here at XC and using it as an excuse to spice things up a bit this month! Check out LELO’s superb collection of toys, newly released HEX condoms and some of our LELO reviews to help get your sex life back on track!!