New year, brand new sex toy! Bringing sex and technology together yet again is the blueMotion vibrator by the makers of OhMiBod. Connected to your Android or iOS via bluetooth, this vibe fits into sexy undies and is controlled by your partner via the free app.

The app uses accelerometer, touch screen and volume controls of the smartphone to control each sexy vibration, rhythm, and yes, sound! This toy not only vibrates but records 60 seconds of your lovers voice and creates vibration along with the sound, much like the beat vibrations of the OhMiBod Naughtybod, which we reviewed last year.

Brian and Suki Dunham, the founders of OhMiBod, found that technology was driving them apart, being on their phones rather than spending intimate time together. Light, slim and powerful, this toy certainly does give a whole new meaning to playing with your phone!

So yes, Mr A, by all means spend ALL NIGHT on your iPhone! I’ll definitely be happy when this toy is available in the UK…

Available in the US in March for $129! We’ll update when this amazing toy is out in the UK but you can see more of OhMiBod HERE.