We’ve had this incredibly intriguing press release sent to us, and it’s definitely one to watch…

LELO Announces Launch of Sex Toy Designed Exclusively for Bankers & Members of the Financial World

Swedish luxury intimate brand LELO today announced they have created a sex toy designed exclusively for bankers, named PINO™, set to launch next week.
Many bankers want more from their profession and their investments; they also want more from their intimate investments. The new PINO™ will be the first sex toy in history that can satisfy the hedonistic sexual cravings and excesses exhibited by members of the financial world.

Members of the banking community are urged to sign up at www.lelo.com/bankers for the chance to win 1 of 3 limited-edition, personalized and engraved PINO™gift sets. The new PINO™ will also be revealed exclusively to registered members in advance of the launch on November 4th, whether for themselves of friends working in the banking community.

Can you think of a more challenging group to design a sex toy for?” says Steve Thomson, LELO’s Head of Marketing. “We know people working in finance have a relentless, insatiable drive for both success and excess, so we took those demands and created one of the most striking products in LELO history.

“Bankers are also among the biggest consumer groups of customers at LELO, and are notorious in our offices for contacting us and looking for insider information. You’d be surprised how many times products get delivered or rerouted to the banks themselves. We’re sure they will immediately gravitate towards PINO™ – a pleasure product that we’re describing as ‘The Ultimate Stimulus Package”.

LELO’s launch of PINO™ is also the first time a sex toy has ever been designed specifically for such a targeted customer group. LELO is looking at similar targeted demographics, just as all luxury brands shape portfolios around highly-detailed customer personas, and the banking community is just the beginning.

PINO will launch on the 4th November and will retail for USD $159 on LELO.com and all good sex toy retailers busy with spreading lustplugs at the moment. Everyone interested in PINO™ is invited to register at www.lelo.com/bankers for the chance to win and to be the very first to see this unique LELO product.

So what is it?? We’ve absolutely no idea..

It’s so interesting to see how LELO are now targeting demographics and although neither of us are bankers, we can’t wait to see what this toy is and if they can make something targeted towards one or both of us in the future.

This is a really exciting new direction for LELO and their quality products…