First of all, thanks to the wonderful Ali’s Addiction for involving us in the Writing Process Blog Tour and nominating us to answer a few questions on our blog style and writing process.

What are we working on?

We’re currently working on some reviews, news and competition articles for some fab brands at the moment! There’s a lot out there that we’re excited about! We’re focusing on quality rather than quantity at the moment and constantly trying to improve our writing process, whilst expanding our range, to provide the best, most interesting reviews we can! We hope to keep improving, although it is hard with both of us having busy full time jobs which also spill into personal time!

How does our work differ from others of its genre?

When we started to expand our own sex toy collection, we looked for reviews to give us ideas. Although we found some great choices (although not quite as many as we’re aware of now!) we didn’t find many blogs with both couples writing about their experiences together. We also found a lot of reviews were quite graphic, so we wanted to make a blog which was humorous, detailed, and centered around the product. Calling ourselves ‘Mr A’ and ‘Miss K’, we felt it was then more about the product review and less about us having sex, something we were more comfortable with as well as made us feel more focused about why we were writing.

Why do we write what we do?

We’re an adventurous couple when it comes to sex, and had a friend in the fashion blog industry that inspired us to start blogging. I had no experience with blogging at all and had no idea how it worked! Mr A is a graphic designer with a digital agency but other than that had no blogging experience, so we kind of worked it out between us! We’ve had some exciting ideas and quickly realised how creative we could be, as well as how proud we were to have entered and won a fellow bloggers competition, and how many people from all over the world were interested in our experiences!

Blogging and reviewing sex products has really opened our eyes to what is out there. We enjoy experimenting and it makes us really think about what each others wants and needs are. We were happy with our sex life before but now we have the added bonus of having to try this toy or that toy that has come through the door, which gets us excited and even when we don’t have time, we now make time, which is always a good thing! We’ve grown sexually as a couple and are both more confident and relaxed thanks to sex blogging.

How does our writing process work?

When we receive a toy we first take pictures (In case I ruin the box / wrapping as I’m quite clumsy and that’s happened before!) then we get to it as soon as we can! We try to use a toy at the very least twice before starting to write a review, and depending on how much time we have, we keep editing the review along with our experiences.

We generally start with taking lots of pictures and writing an introduction. We’ll describe the toy in-depth and a couple of facts you might not read on the retail site, so it’s useful and insightful for the reader. We try not to put much opinion into this as it’s more of the face-value and promise of the product, much how we try to view the product before using to try to be as un-bias as possible.

We then split the review into sections- his and hers opinions being the main part of the review. We speak about our own experiences and things we noticed about the product in detail, but we try not to repeat ourselves, so we’ll each have our areas of the toy to focus on. We then conclude with tips, which we usually write and add to as we go along; then where to buy with an easy link, and then a conclusion and overall mark out of 10 for the toy.

As we both have full-time jobs which spill into our private lives randomly, we unfortunately have no set time to blog. Sometimes I can be off for a few days at a time and nearly get a review fully posted, leaving Mr A to finish off his part, or sometimes it’s all to Mr A to complete when I have lots of shifts in a row and I have to fit it in when I can.


Thanks again Ali for the nomination. We hope this has given you all an insight into our writing process. If you have taken part in the Writing Process Blog tour, leave a comment below as we’d love to read it 🙂 We’re supposed to nominate bloggers to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour but we can’t actually think of a reviewer we know who hasn’t done it!