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Published: Wednesday, Oct 30

This premium couples massager uses the incredible SenseMotion Technology, much like the super-sensual Tiani, but with a ‘Mind-Blowing’ new twist! With massager and control unit, this is a really unique and exciting toy.

The control unit design is the same of that of the Tiani. The palm-sized, soft, smooth and sleek-looking vibrator is also a remote control for the main unit, using the ‘Infinity’ style buttons to choose setting and intensity. The first setting allows unique control of the SenseMotion technology in Mode 1, where the tilt of the remote 90 degrees goes from 10% to 100% intensity. The second setting uses the SenseMotion technology in Mode 2, where the movement of the remote in any direction intensifies the vibrations the faster you move it.

Ida - What's in the box

The ‘finger’ of the Ida not only carries the vibrations, but also rotates in a stroking motion. This means when in place, the female section of the toy sits with the disc-shaped vibrator on the clitoris and the rotating finger is inserted to stroke the G-Spot. This alone makes for a really interesting design for a toy, which is why the toy is released as the Tara (the vibrator) and the Ida (the vibrator with the control unit).

In this pack is: The Ida Couple’s Massager; wireless remote control with SenseMotion technology; wall charger; satin storage pouch and user manual with 1-Year Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee. What the description doesn’t mention is this toy comes in an impressive, sturdy storage box, with two batteries for the remote control and a key to release the metallic lid and fit the batteries. It is the vibrator itself that is rechargeable. Also with the toy is a sachet of premium water-based formula to use with the product. These brilliant little details are what make this toy a premium product.

Ida - The Main Unit
The Ida and It's Controller


  • “The Mind-blowing new way to share intimacy”: the toy can be used before or during intercourse to create a whole new experience as a couple.
  • “Intense satisfaction through gentle rotation within”: the toy is inserted to massage the g-spot and create intense sensations for him.
  • “Powerful vibrations and smooth, flexible design” : offering comfortable pleasure in any position.
  • “100% waterproof & rechargeable with travel lock”
  • “A world first in SenseMotion technology”
  • “8 vibration/rotation modes.”
  • “Safety, comfort and absolute hygiene; made from smooth, body-safe silicone with 1-Year Warranty.”


On LELO’s blog you will find a number of different positions recommended while using the Ida. Here are the 4 we experimented with.

Ida - Missionary Position
Ida - Cowgirl Position
Ida - Tease Her Position
Ida - Tease Him Position


Having bought the Tiani 2 for Miss K’s birthday this year,  I knew what to expect from LELO and their quality products. I was looking forward to testing the Ida, and when we first researched this toy, it looked like an interesting upgrade to the Tiani.

Like all LELO products, the attention to detail and overall design is extremely premium and top quality. I love my gizmos and the Ida features a wireless remote control that gives the holder power over the main toy itself. The two most exciting features as we mentioned in the introduction are the two SenseMotion modes. These two modes are brilliant for quickly changing the vibration speed/intensity during intercourse without having to stop and press a button on the toy to change a setting. They’re also fun to play with during sex and experimenting with different movements and tilts of the controller to intensify the moment. What I like about the controller is how this also vibrates at the same time as the main toy, meaning you are able to feel the same vibration and maybe even use it on yourself.

When we first looked at the toy, it seemed like the big round disc of the main unit might be a little too chunky and could get in the way during sex. But testing the vibrations and settings before use was impressive, and the toy seemed extremely powerful. To get the best possible review for you guys we wanted to use the Ida a number of times in a number of different positions to give the Ida a fair review (The things we do for you eh ;)).

The first time we tried the toy was with me on top. Miss K found inserting the Ida’s “finger” simple enough as it’s quite a nice petite shape and size. I had fun controlling the toy and playing around with the vibrations and speeds, while Miss K started to enjoy the toy on her own. I soon couldn’t wait and had to join.

During sex, the vibrations coming from the disc of the main unit were nice and seemed to pass through my penis. The ‘finger’, which was inside with me, was barely noticeable and didn’t get in the way (which I thought it might with it moving all the time). I guess I didn’t notice the ‘finger’ because it was moving up and away from my penis? Either way it didn’t make a lot of difference to my experience. After a couple of minutes I did start to notice the disc was blocking me from getting as close into Miss K as I normally get. Miss K and I enjoy being very close to each other during sex and the Ida was stopping this with the thickness of the disc and where it was positioned. That being said it did seem to delay me for quite a bit and Miss K was still getting G-spot stimulation from the Ida and myself. We both managed to climax and the experience was different, but the constant rubbing of the Ida’s vibrating disc against my pubic bone made me feel a little bruised.

After the first use of this toy we were both quite disheartened and not entirely impressed with the Ida. The vibrations are very powerful which is nice and the controller is amazing, but the size of the disc meant Ida was in a sense…cock blocking me; I’ll let Miss K tell you her thoughts below!

We’re not a couple who will be beaten and the Ida deserved another chance. Our next position was “Her on top”, this time the Ida disc didn’t seem to get in the way as much as it did with me on top and felt really nice, I couldn’t work out if it was the vibrations from the disc or the movement from the ‘finger’ I was feeling. Miss K also seems to be really enjoying this position and although I could still feel the disc against my pubic bone it wasn’t rubbing as much because I wasn’t on top of it. Although it was pleasurable with “Her on top” I ended up back on top, which we both prefer for positioning. So again came the rubbing of the Ida against my body, but because I could see Miss K was close to orgasm I grinned and bared it. Once Miss K was done I thought we could get our third position covered and try the “Tease Him” recommended position until I climaxed.

WOW! Is all I can say…here the Ida redeemed herself! Miss K passed me the controller while she pleasured me with her hands and mouth. The finger of the Ida moving around my testicles and the disc vibrating at the base of my penis grouped with Miss K’s magic hands and kisses were something special! It didn’t take long for me to climax and it really was an intense one.

Although the “tease him” was mind blowing the Ida is a couple’s massager and designed to pleasure both sexes at the same time… I can see where LELO are coming from with the Ida and might well just be how Miss K and I are used to having close sex, but I don’t think either of us enjoyed it during intercourse. Although the vibrations are great for adding pleasure and the fact it seemed to slightly delay me (which I thinks probably due to the rubbing of the disc distracting me) the size of the disc gets in my way. Yes the wireless controller is fun, but to me this is a solo play female toy. Although any-time Miss K offers to use it just on me I’ll be there stripped naked and ready on the bed for her!

On a final note looking at the other positions suggested on the LELO website I’d be interested in trying a few more as the positioning of our bodies would mean the disc isn’t pressing against me…we’ll see, and update our review once we try a few more!


Being a huge LELO fan, I heard about this new toy and couldn’t wait to try it out! The design and concept is something very unique to sex toys in general and to the brand. I’ve seen vibrators with a similar concept of a rotational shaft, but not with this amazingly ergonomic and luxury design. I love LELO’s soft, smooth, body-safe silicone. We received this toy in black, which I find to look expensive and ideal for a couple’s toy.

I’m always thoroughly impressed with LELO’s packaging and, being familiar with the LELO Insignia range, I knew what to expect and it didn’t disappoint! From the design of the box, to the quality of contents to the design of the toy, at very first sight it’s obvious that this range is a premium toy, as described.

Not only premium, it seems the Ida is what I’ve been waiting for in a sex toy. There are many toys out there that give the highly sought-after double stimulation of g-spot massage and clitoral vibration, but none quite like this. The ‘disc’ and ‘finger’ of the vibrator itself looks strange at first, but a closer look and turning on the vibrator, I could see straight away why the toy was designed that way. I also think the remote control part to the toy could make it perfect for us as a couple; I really like having Mr A in control.

When I first turned on the toy to use, I was impressed with the vibrations and rotations alike, and couldn’t wait to try it out! This toy is reasonably noisy, with a mechanical sound in the rotation of the toy. I’m not easily put off by noise so this was fine for me, and the toy doesn’t claim to be quiet. I used the vibration of the toy to get me going and found the toy easy to insert. I loved having Mr A in control of the vibrations and the thrill of hands-free foreplay was something I really enjoyed too (also a fantastic hands-free masturbator, but we’ll get to that later).

As you read above, intercourse with our first experience of the toy wasn’t great. I felt the disc was uncomfortable too, and with Mr A’s weight on top of it, it pressed into my pubic bone also. I did get some clitoral stimulation but I wasn’t sure if this was due to the disc rubbing rather than the vibrations. I couldn’t feel the ‘finger’ of the main unit at all with Mr A in there.

Our second experience with me on top was much better, with the disc more freely positioned in-between us, I definitely felt more vibration and had more stimulation. The finger could be felt a little more in this position too, and although we tried this position in different forms, we went back to him on top as it usually has more stimulation for both of us, rather than just me (I enjoyed being selfish for a while, but Mr A was getting nothing out of it, damn!). Again it was kind-of uncomfortable, but better having experienced what it can really do, and I was able to climax easily this way.

Mr A then asked me to finish him off, which I am always glad to do, but I surprised him with using the Ida for back-up. Well, may as well get full use out of this toy! I was really happy with the reaction it got, sat massaging and vibrating on Mr A, and with some teasing and usual tricks, this really didn’t take long!

On my own, I used the toy in the bath. The toy wasn’t really hands-free, as I had to put the controller near to the main unit at times in the bath, maybe it was the water that interrupted the signal? The toy was still fun and the vibrations were intense, although I still couldn’t feel the movement of the finger. Once I found the right setting, I put down the controller and let the toy do its job! I really enjoyed the toy in this way, much more than during intercourse!


  1. Try out the controls before sex, so you can get to grips with the amazing SenseMotion technology!
  2. Make sure the main unit is switched off after use, by pressing the button in on the side and making sure the light is off.
  3. Wash both units with soap and water!
  4. Fully waterproof! Have some fun in the shower/bath.
  5. Experiment a few times with different positions to find the position that suits you!

OveraLl rating

Overall, we really do think this is an interesting, brand-new, high-end toy for LELO and really love what they produce. This toys’ flaw, for us, is that the disc of the main unit gets in the way, but we do like close sex. We think this toy might be a grower, and has proven to do the job well with some use; we want to keep trying to integrate this toy into our sex life!

Going back to the claims of this toy, on first use, it wasn’t quite ‘mind-blowing’ during intercourse; neither of us felt ‘intense sensations’ through the rotation of the finger; and we didn’t find ‘comfort in full range of positions’. 

Rating 6/10 

Where to buy

The Ida can be bought directly from – £145


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