The LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle is a super sexy and stylish candle that melts into a luxurious and gorgeously scented massage oil. The candle we’ll be reviewing is the Black Pepper and Pomegranate but there’s also delicious Vanilla and Crème De Cacao and also Snow Pear and Cedarwood to choose from.

The LELO candle with Lid

The LELO candle with Lid

The LELO candle lit

The LELO candle lit

These sultry styled candles are black with silver logo and lid and a coloured plastic handle, all signatures of LELO designs. The candle burns for 36 hours with its clean-burning and environmentally friendly wick. It burns to give a non-greasy and long lasting massage oil with all natural ingredients and no chemical additives (Glycine Soja (soy) wax, butyrospermium parkii (shea butter), prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, perfume (d-limonene, linalool, hexylcinnamaldehyde)). The oil absorbs into the skin with Shea-butter to soften. This candle not only massages, but lets off a beautiful scent to set the mood. After half an hour or so of burning, just apply the melted oil to the skin and use as a massage treat for you or your partner.

The LEO candle after one session

The LEO candle after one session

The LEO candle after one session 2

The LEO candle after one session


What she says

I received this as a gift from Mr A for my birthday and really couldn’t believe my luck! Finally! An excuse for a massage! The first thing I noticed about the candle is its design is sexy enough to look naughty yet subtle enough to have at the side of your bed, like I do. I love having it handy either just to light for scent to add a nice aroma to the room or to hint for a cheeky massage every now and then (oh and sometimes for him too!).

The scent is quite musky and sexy and fills the room with a sensual smell to get you in the mood. When we first used this I was excited but a little apprehensive about spilling the melted oil onto the skin. It’s quite a sensual experience, pouring the oil directly onto the skin, but the oil isn’t hot at all just warm and silky and really massages in nicely. Although, obviously how hot it feels depends on what part of the body the oil is poured onto. On one particular naughty occasion Mr A poured it onto my chest in-between my breasts and I’ve got to say, it felt much hotter there! Not unbearable though, and the heat disperses when massaged into the skin.

The oil itself is very silky-smooth and doesn’t feel too slippy or sticky like most oils. The texture is really nice for massage and it keeps its heat slightly until massaged in. It does dry up a little after a while, but a small amount spreads a long way and keeps going for a good length of time. I found dripping oil onto the skin such a turn-on, and wanted to do it a couple of times, so not only is it easy to keep re-applying but it makes you want to enjoy the sensual experience again and again!


What he says

Having bought this candle as a birthday present for Miss K I was really looking forward to having a go myself. I really liked the idea of it and of course with it being by LELO, I knew to expect a premium product. When the candle arrived it was in the usual top range LELO packaging we’ve grown to expect from the company. The candle container is ceramic and has a nice metallic lid with coloured plastic handle.

The smell is quite girly but not too much and I do like the spicy kick coming from the pepper.

To get the candle ready for use we lit it 30 mins before we were ready to play (to ensure there was enough oil to use). Once ready I treated Miss K to a sexy massage, the hot oil was really smooth to rub into Miss K’s back and spread really well across the majority of her back. The massage seemed to really relax Miss K, which was a nice added extra. On second use of the LELO massage candle we used it with the Tease Game, this was the perfect game to use it with as there’s lots of Massage squares on the board. We both landed on the massage chest square of the game, Miss K first. I could see Miss K was unsure at first before I dripped the hot massage oil onto here breasts but she soon started to enjoy the sensual massage she receive. When I landed on the massage chest square I was excited but a little worried Miss K might get carried away and drop the oil on my penis…luckily she didn’t and I really like the sensation of hot oil being massaged in.

I’m normally not a fan of massage oils as I find they linger on the skin for too long afterwards, and can feel sticky when I put my clothes back on. When Miss K was treating me to a kinky massage I was impressed with how the oil didn’t linger too long on my skin and seemed to soak in, that’s a huge plus for me.

Overall I really enjoyed playing with the LELO Flickering Touch Candle and think it was a great present for me to buy for Miss K. We’ve both enjoyed using it a number of times now and we’re getting a bit more risky with it each time we do…I’m still not sure how it’d feel with it being dripped onto my bits…but you never know. The candle is a great couples toy and the perfect treat for your other half and can be used either to relax or excite.


  • Light around 30 mins before to get into the mood and there should be enough oil to use.
  • When using for the first time, try on yourself before a partner to test and reassure.
  • Don’t use as a lube! For massages only, then what it leads to is up to you..
  • Be careful when wearing/putting on condoms- oils break down condoms.
  • Make sure you put the candle in a safe place between uses.


Where to buy

Lovehoney UK  or Lovehoney US



Over all, this product really does what it says on the tin, but with quality and in a naughty way that really gets you going! Not only do you get the erotic feel of warm, gorgeous-smelling oil dripping onto the skin, but you get a massage at the end of it! Brilliant!

We give this 9/10