Review: Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Cock Ring

Published: Wednesday, Jul 30

The sexual happiness people at Lovehoney sent us their own brand Bionic Bullet to try in exchange for an honest and detailed review.

The Lovehoney Bionic Bullet is a 5 function cock ring with stimulating tongue. Made from soft silicone, this cock ring with a difference is super stretchy, flexible and silky smooth. The ring sits perfectly and snugly at the base of the penis while the flexible tongue pointing upwards to stimulate the clitoris during sex.

The powerful bullet has 2 speeds and 3 patterns of vibration, the press of a button at one end scrolls through these functions. Pressing and holding the button turns off the toy. The bullet is held in a sleeve attached to the soft, black, silicone ring with the tongue protruding to one side. Apply a water-based lube to the tongue and the ring and slide down the penis to the base with the tongue facing up.

The vibrations can be enjoyed by both partners, as the vibrations travel up the shaft and stimulate the clitoris. The ring traps the blood in the erection, keeping him going for longer. Also, remove the bullet and it can be used as a powerful stimulator for other areas of the body.

Unscrew the bullet and insert 1 x AAA battery, positive end first. If you won’t be using the toy for a couple of days, make sure you remove the battery to prolong toy life. Clean the toy with specialised spray or wipes or take the bullet out of the ring and wash the ring with  antibacterial soap and water. The bullet is NOT waterproof so always wipe this down carefully. If you’re unsure, Lovehoney do a range of sex toy cleaners.

Flip Hole Drying stand
Flip Hole Internal Texture


  • Length of bullet: 8.5 cm

  • Bullet Circumference: 5.5 cm

  • Diameter of unstretched ring: 3.5 cm

  • Length of ‘tongue’: 2.5 cm

  • Latex and phthalates free.

  • Battery not included.


The Bionic bullet wasn’t a toy we’d thought about before. I hadn’t really heard of it and we haven’t tried any of Lovehoneys own brand toys. I received the toy boxed in the subtle Lovehoney packaging, concealed in an ordinary bubble-wrapped brown large envelope by Royal Mail Tracking.

The Lovehoney packaging is tasteful. It doesn’t have an obvious look that shouts SEX TOY! It does have a picture on one side, and the descriptions and logos on the box, but if you wanted to store the toy within the box and then hide it, at a glance you’d never know. The only thing about this toy is you don’t get a storage bag, but this is common for a toy of this price range. The great thing about Lovehoney is that they do Storage Bags for very cheap.

The actual look of this toy is quite manly and severe. I wasn’t sure from first glance what it would actually do. Don’t be fooled! This really is a couples toy! The silicone is actually extremely soft and flexible and has no severity to it. We sourced out a AAA battery (the toy doesn’t come with one, again as normal for a toy of this value), and tried out the bullet!

I never thought a simple bullet would impress me! But it really did! It’s actually a really good quality bullet in this pack, so a very versatile toy for the cost. It’s exterior is soft and black to match the the silicone sleeve and feels smooth against the body. Easy to click, simply scroll through the functions. And wow, the vibrations coming from this toy! The second vibration is very powerful for such a simple vibe- and the packaging doesn’t even mention the power!! How modest!!

I was so impressed with the bullets power, I used it to warm up!

I didn’t understand how the cock ring, along with its tongue, would really be different to other cock rings we’d tried. Mr A secured the ring snugly onto the base of his penis, the tongue facing up, and we used a bit of water-based lube. The tongue was just amazing- not like a tongue at all, but it spread the vibrations around the clitoris, meaning the aim of this toy was perfect! With other cock-rings if it slips even slightly you can feel the vibrations move off your clit. Not this!! It stayed perfectly around the exact spot throughout our session. This just made sex with this toy effortless. Immediately it was integrated into our motion and we could get lost in the moment!

I definitely felt that the sex we had was special- amazing buzz and left me saying ‘wow’ at the end! Fantastic toy!


We’ve done a lot of cock ring reviews this year and with the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet I wasn’t expecting really to be wowed. The look is very clean and masculine with the soft matte black look. The addition of the Tongue Stimulator intrigued me and at first in my head I imaged it to flopping around all over the place when it’s turned on (luckily that’s not the case). The only down side to how the toy has been made is the silicone is prone to show up hair or dust on the toy. You might notice this from the pictures we’ve put up, it’s quite hard to make this toy look clean for the photos, if the toy was in a different colour you probably wouldn’t even notice. It’s a minor negative point, but still worth a mention.

As the toy is silicone it’s very stretchy, sometimes it can be difficult to put a cock ring on with ease, whether it’s too tight to slide on without lube, or you end up catching a couple of stray pubic hairs. With the Bionic Bullet I could happily stretch it on over my erect penis with ease, we used lube (water-based, never use silicone lube with a silicone toy) because it’s easier to slide off after use, but this probably wasn’t needed. Once in place the soft silicone is very comfy on the penis, it’s not too tight, but not too slack either and isn’t uncomfortable to wear. During use some cock rings we’ve tried with bits added to them (such as the tongue) have been known to move around the penis during sex. This is distracting and less pleasurable for Miss K, this wasn’t the case with the Bionic Bullet at all. The cock ring stayed exactly where it was put, which from the reactions I was getting from Miss K is a very good thing indeed!

Cock rings are designed to keep the blood flow in your penis making your harder and last longer, this is kind of the case for this cock ring, not so much as some of the others I’ve reviewed but I feel this cock ring has been design for more comfort and pleasure rather than stamina. Personally It’d say I lasted maybe 5 minutes longer than usual with this cock ring, everyone will vary though.

Flip Hole closed and with lube

Overall I enjoyed using the Bionic Bullet Cock ring, the vibrations are very powerful in comparison to the vibrating cock rings we’ve used recently. The added bonus of 5 different settings is also great. The bullet is powerful enough for your other half to use as a clitoral stimulator on it’s own also. In my opinion this benefits your partner during sex more than it does the male, but in my eyes that’s always a good thing. The vibrations are enough to add pleasure during sex for him, but the vibrations mixed with the tongue certainly add for an intense sensation for her. At just £15 this cock ring is a great bargain which will keep her happy and add your sexual experience also.

OveraLl rating

Overall, this toy really surprised us! Fantastic buzz, great design, and a quality product at a bargain price! Great value for money and definitely one of those toys we’ll get out repeatedly for a really fun treat for both of us. Great addition to any toy box!

Rating 9/10 

Where to buy

This product is no longer available, but Lovehoney offer a similar more upgraded cockring with a remote control and 10 settings.

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  1. Marti

    I bought this for my boyfriend. We are always trying new toys, sort of a hobby of ours. We found the Bullet Cock Ring easy to use and very stimulating. It helped him get and stay hard longer and helped keep his head full so I could really feel him inside me. Together with the vibration, I was able to achieve multiple orgasms, which was one of my goals. It also helped reduce the amount of time between sex, since it helps him achieve and maintain his erection before he would otherwise have been able to.


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