The new LELO ORA is part of the Insignia range made by premium sex toy brand LELO. This new sensual massager is made to simulate oral pleasure with powerful vibrations and circulation of the internal ‘nub’. This nub circulates and flicks in different motions to stimulate the clitoris, mimicking oral sex. This, along with the vibrations, makes for a very innovative and interesting design.


The ORA in its box

This toy boasts:

  • New INTENSE setting for 30% more power intensity
  • 10 stimulation modes with adjustable intensity
  • 100% waterproof and rechargeable (1 hours use)
  • Ultra-smooth, body-safe silicone
  • 1-year warranty, 10-year quality guarantee


Contents of the ORA

The contents are the same as most other LELO toys- with an authenticity card, instructions, warranty, mains charger, satin pouch and the main unit of the ORA.


Pretty and Shiny ORA

The appearance of the ORA takes on the signature look of the Insignia range, with soft, smooth silicone and attractive metallic plastic finish.


Charging the ORA

Charging the ORA is simple, with the charger port to one side, this toy plugs straight into the mains and the controls light up when charging.


The controls of the ORA

The controls take the form of the Insignia infinity design, as seen on the rest of the LELO Insignia toys. The + and – are used to turn on and off and control intensity, while the middle button is used to scroll through the patterns. The control side should be facing up when using the toy to simplify use.


Where the action is!

The main aspect of the LELO Insignia ORA is the soft silicone pad at one side, where the nub touches the surface and swirls around underneath. This creates the sensation of caressing around the clitoris and massaging the surrounding area while the vibrations heighten the sensation and combined should really lead to an intense clitoral orgasm. This toy can be used on it’s own as a masturbator or as foreplay in a couple.

What he says

We tried using the ORA together, and to be honest seeing Miss K struggle with the positioning on her own body made me feel like this toy would be hard for me to position, so I left her to it!! We also tried it as a stimulation for me- on the shaft and tip of my penis and on my balls and perineum, but it just didn’t do anything for me!

I really love the design of LELO toys though, and this one has a really fun and sexy look! I like the idea of the ‘nub’ and had hoped it would work for Miss K and for me somehow too. I think this one mainly scores for concept and design but in action, well I’ll let Miss K tell you more…

What she says

I really had high hopes for this toy as we’d heard so much about it and it sounded so innovative and looked so attractive! So when we finally go hold of one I was thrilled to try it out! I just love LELO Insignia design and quality, and this was no exception. The gorgeous packaging, boxing and contents are all part of feeling like you’ve really paid for a premium toy.

The soft, luxurious silicone, much like the HULA, is really sensuous against the skin, soft enough to want to treat your most intimate area. The controls are very easy to use, and did surprise me with a few extras for use of the ‘nub’ on its own without the vibrations, and a few variations of vibration with flick and swirl.

I cleaned the toy with antibacterial soap and water, and tried it out! It was weird at first and I did have it the wrong way round (duh!). The controls should be facing up towards you, so you can see where the buttons are. I had to reposition the toy a few times when I really wanted to feel the nub swirling round, so I kept it on the nub-only setting to be able to feel where it was, until I got it right. I then scrolled through the vibration settings. I loved this combination, but it was so hard to keep the toy in place that the effort really put me off!

It was the effort and the mechanical noise of the nub that distracted me, so I couldn’t finish with this toy. The feeling of the nub was something I’d never felt before, and really interesting, but wasn’t quite like oral sex (is there anything quite like oral sex??)

So along with the intense vibrations of the ORA, I can’t deny it made an impression, probably decent for foreplay. Although, I can imagine getting your man to hold it in the right spot would need a lot more patience!!


  • Use water-based lube to enhance your experience
  • Be patient- find the right place and right setting for you
  • Try music in the background to drown out the mechanical noise
  • Try on your own and then as a couple so you can get the toy in the right place and you don’t have to fiddle when you’re trying to get in the mood!

Where to buy

LELO ORA – £119


Over all, we love the LELO Insignia range as all of their toys are amazing quality and are always worth the cost. Having tested the HULA before, I think I’m less impressed with this- it was fiddly, loud and personally this wouldn’t do the whole job on its own. Perfect for foreplay but definitely for those who love oral sex and have a bit of patience.