News: Introducing Lelo ENIGMA

Published: Wednesday, Feb 17

Experience G-Spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time with this elegant new lelo toy! 

 If you’ve read our posts before, you know we’re huge fans of LELO and their premium range of sex toys. When we first saw the ENIGMA we were intrigued by it’s look and it’s advertising materials.

At first glance the ENIGMA looks like the love child of the SONA Cruise 2 and Soraya. We’ve tried a few of LELO’s G-Spot stimulators over the years and they’ve always delivered. Mrs K found the SONA provided very powerful, intense clitoral orgasms, so all in all we’re excited to see what this toy is like.

What is it?

The ENIMGA is a dual action sonic vibrator specifically designed to “titillate” the entire clitoris and G-spot. Delivering sonic waves (like the SONA) on the exterior of the clitoris and pulsations of the internal arm which points directly to the g-spot. The combination of these are said to lead to “an orgasm you won’t forget”.


Sensonic™ Technology 
The clitoral stimulator uses sonic waves to offer clitoral stimulation without making direct contact on the cliterous. This means the stimulation is deeper but a gentler sensation

Double Arousal
Stimulates the clitoris and g-spot at the same time

Ergonomic Internal Stimulation
The internal arm is fully flexible. It offers ultra-powerful vibrations directly to the G-spot.

Charged via USB

8 Pleasure Settings
Whether you’re wanting a teasing murmur or satisfying pulse

Discreet Pleasure
This is a whisper quiet vibrator

100% Waterproof
Ideal for fun in the bath and shower

Extra-Soft Silicone
It’s ultra-smooth and extra soft body say Silicon

Our Initial Thoughts

We were lucky enough to get sent the ENIGMA to review. We think the look of the toy is really vibrant and tasteful. The ombre effect on the toy is a bit different for LELO but works really well. 

So far we’ve tried the ENIMGA once, and our initial thoughts are that it’s incredibly powerful. From the guy perspective I really enjoyed using this on Mrs K and seeing her reaction as we built the settings up. From Mrs K’s perspective, it was certainly memorable! The quality doesn’t disappoint and neither does the function! 

We’ll be getting a full review written very soon for this product, but as you can see above, we’re excited to try it out again!

Where to buy

Get the LELO ENIGMA directly from LELO for £169.00


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