Review: Joi Thrust

Published: Wednesday, Nov 29
JOI THRUST App Controlled Thrusting G-spot Vibrator & Tongue Clit Licker

Introducing a new brand to our page – Honey Play Box. A US brand with the mission to inspire others to explore their desires without shame. They’re all about authenticity and affordability, and they have some brilliantly unusual sex toys on offer.

We received the JOI THRUST App Controlled Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator & Tongue Clit Licker in exchange for an honest review.

The Joi Thrust and it's box
The Joi Thrust - Thrusting at 500 thrusts per min

The Review

Let’s be honest here, this vibrator looks hilarious, and I love it. It’s so silly, and we had so much fun just laughing about that. We got the red version, which I like, and the body-safe silicone is smooth and soft.

The tongue part is surprisingly fast, longer than I expected and very wobbly. I don’t know what I expected, but it looked impressive! There are 9 licking modes to experiment with and 9 thrusting vibrations. The thrusting end boasts 500 thrusts/min ‘Perfect for unlocking double orgasms’.

It’s waterproof, USB rechargeable and app-controlled. The quality is excellent, with an ergonomic design that’s pleasing to look at, a magnetic charger and a soft storage bag.

I couldn’t wait to try this one because even though it looks silly, the motors seem very powerful! We first tried this together, which was fun. We experimented with the tongue sensation, which was a fab warm-up on the nipples and clit. The tongue needs to be at the right angle, but it’s a sensation like nothing else we’ve ever tried!

The app was exciting to use together, with him taking control of vibration patterns. This kind of set up is great for teasing and communicating what works for you. I found I had to be patient with the set-up, but once he got the hang of it, it was really effective. The app is a nice style, easy to use, responsive alongside the toy, and even asks for feedback!

The thrust can feel quite harsh on the higher settings if you’re feeling delicate, but it really works if you’re feeling up for it. It would say the thrust setting is more rough sex mood than a gentle mood. A decent amount of lube, though, and some gentle coaxing into the right spot, and it’s a really orgasmic combination!

OveraLl rating

Would I reach for this every time I want a vibrator? I don’t think so. But it’s fun and experimental, ideal for solo or couple’s play. My rating for this would be 8/10 based on not all-together my kind of thing, but definitely great quality, value for money and versatile. 

Where to buy

You can get the JOI Thruster directly from Honey Play Box for $68.99


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