Hurrah!! LELO have improved on the LELO ORA and here it is…

LELO ORA 1 and ORA 2

The LELO ORA 2 is the update of the Insignia ORA released earlier this year. The oral sex simulator is a clitoral vibrator with a difference, and the difference has gotten even bigger and better!!
The ORA 2 not only has a larger, more prominent nub under the soft, body-safe silicone, but it also includes LELO’s SenseTouch Technology. Simply switch to this setting and apply to the body, and the SenseTouch will activate and increase on contact with the body. The final difference with this toy, is the charger is now USB adapted for even easier charging. Charge for 2 hours for 1 hour of pleasure.
Going back to the original features, the ORA 2 remains 100% waterproof, with 10 adjustable stimulation modes. The beautiful Insignia-style controller features the mode button central, with scrolling/increase/decrease button at either side. The charge port is to one side and the luxury pleasure item has a 1-Year Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee.
Contents: 1 x ORA 2, USB charger, User Manual, Warranty Registration Card, Satin Storage Pouch.
Measurements: 80 x 80 x 43mm
Available in Midnight Blue, Deep Rose or Black.


What she says

Anyone who read my ORA review knows I wasn’t particularly a fan of this one. Beautiful and luxury it may have been, but it didn’t actually DO anything for me. So what difference does a bigger nub mean?? EVERYTHING.

When I first received this toy I really couldn’t see the difference at first. Then I turned it over. WOW. Yes the nub is bigger. But still what does that mean for me?


LELO ORA 2 New Nub

The USB charging doesn’t make too much difference to me, but perhaps more accessible for some. The SenseTouch isn’t even one of my favourite LELO features. I just like to crank the vibrations up to be honest. But there are many people out there who find this feature very useful and entertaining.

I charged the ORA 2 for the recommended 2 hours, cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and warm water and tried it out. OMG. I really really think the larger nub makes all the difference. I could feel every stroke!! And with the vibrations over the top I really, really enjoyed this one. There’s a lot of really’s there…

The larger nub means your clitoris can’t escape the strokes, so every stroke and vibration is felt. It’s so easy to position and keep in the right spot. It’s soft, sensual and really does feel like oral sex. Scroll through the settings to try different variations of vibration and swirl of the nub. My favorite is the swirl right around and continuous vibration. The swirl is kind of loud still but it didn’t put me off this time, as the pleasure was so intense so I didn’t care.


LELO ORA 2 Insignia Controls

I used this on it’s own, which was fantastic, and then with the LIV 2, which was amazing! If you like g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time, two products like that can be an absolute dream!

What he says

I think the last ORA was the only LELO pleasure product that Miss K wasn’t very impressed with! It really seems she is with this one! Great for foreplay, this one really packs a punch and adds pleasure within a couple, or when she’s alone thinking of you. I love LELO Insignia particularly for the style and quality but this seems to do an amazing job too!


  • Use with a dot of water-based lube to heighten the experience
  • Use with another product for g-spot stimulation
  • Try with a partner for foreplay
  • Use in the bath or shower.

Where to buy

LELO ORA 2 – £119


Overall, my experiences with this toy have been amazing. With the other ORA I tried twice then put it to the back of the cupboard. This one has been out several times and just thinking about the experience makes me excited! To be honest, this toy makes me want to cheer because the other was such a failure!! They did it!!!! YEY!!

I give this 10/10