Review: LELO Sona Cruise 2

Published: Thursday, Mar 18

What exactly is the LELO SONA CRUISE 2?

The SONA 2 Cruise is an improved version of the SONA Cruise which we have reviewed previously. The SONA 2 Cruise uses SenSonic technology to stimulate more of the clitoris than ever before. Sonic waves are said to offer fast yet gentle clitoral stimulation leading to a mind-blowing climax.

What are it’s Features?

  • 12 pleasure settings
  • Fully waterproof for the bath or shower
  • Ultra-smooth body-safe silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • 1 year warranty and 10 year guarantee
The Enigma Product Shot
The Enigma Product Shot


The LELO SONA 2 Cruise uses sonic vibrations to stimulate the whole of the clitoris. The difference with this sonic vibrator is the patented Cruise Control, which means if you press the device down, it won’t loose power or intensity, in fact it will increase by 20% (according to LELO this is the most complained about “feature” of a vibrator!)

The sonic vibrations are SO intense at the highest setting, but there are 12 settings to try if you want more of a tease. I’m not really into vibration patterns personally, I much prefer to move and control the build-up on a medium-high intensity with a consistent vibration. So I find the positioning of the mouth is very important, and the Sensonic technology is great for carrying the sensations further.

I have the first SONA, and the differences are subtle, but much improved. The intensity range is better than the first version, so a build-up is definitely more achievable. There are an additional 4 pattern settings to the first, and the mouth is bigger, softer and deeper, making it more comfortable on the anatomy.

This vibrator is a good shape and size for my hands, making it easy to hold and control. The body-safe silicone and shiny detailing is super sexy and feminine and the buttons are in just the right place to change when in position.

OveraLl rating

This isn’t my go-to as I do still prefer the more traditional vibrators, so I have to say that there is something missing from this type of toy for me personally. If you’re really into clitoral stimulation and you find you want to try something different, this might be the toy for you. As always, the presentation, quality and level of technology is very impressive!

Rating 8.5/10 

Where to buy

The SONA 2 Cruise can be bought from LELO directly for £119.00

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