Mr. F – First Time Hydromax Bathmate Pumper – UPDATED

Published: Tuesday, Feb 17

So after years of walking around with a regular sized penis, I was asked by Jo Divine to review the Hydromax Bathmate X30 a penis pump for the more advanced pump users (as the website states).

First here’s a word from Jo Divine:

Jo Divine is excited to introduce the Bathmate Hydromax and Hydromax Xtreme penis pumps. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Bathmate have created a penis pump which works with the body to produce better and bigger erections. It uses water to ensure that a safe, even vacuum is applied over the entire penis without requiring a constriction ring, unlike lesser devices on the market today.

The use of warm water stimulates circulation and enhances blood flow throughout the penis, while the vacuum opens up the tissues and blood vessels. Whilst inside the Hydromax, the volume of the penis will usually be over 25% bigger than your normal erection, which refreshes the penis with fresh oxygenated blood and helps enlarge the corpora cavernosa – the spongy tissue that holds blood during an erection.

By using Bathmate for 15 minutes as part of your daily shower or bath routine, you can help avoid erectile dysfunction which is often a symptom of ageing, which in turn allows you to avoid the cost and side-effects of medication.

The Review

Having never even thought about using one before now, I must say I was surprised, shocked and satisfied with the product and the end results! I’ve never used anything like this before, and while waiting for the X30 to arrive in the post, I thought I’d do a little bit of research into the product. I have to admit before I searched for the Bathmate X30 I had very low expectations of what I was about to find. I expected some poorly made site with barely any info on it other than “It makes your cock big- buy it!”- but the Bathmate website is full of useful info and ‘how to’ guides explaining everything in one place. There’s even great fitting guides to help you choose the right pump size for you…sadly mine was the smaller of the pumps…only just! The Hydromax Bathmate X30 is a water pump usually used in the bath or shower and can be pumped by using the Hydromax or by attaching the handball pump. It comes with quite an impressive bunch of accessories, which really make this product feel a lot more than just a cock pump; and you really get your money’s worth with all of this:

  • A black carry case to keep everything together and discrete
  • A combination lock (don’t want your visiting mother-in-law finding it!)
  • Handy shower strap that attaches to the Hydromax pump – so when showering it doesn’t just slip off.
  • Measuring Gauge – so that you can get an accurate view of your progress
  • Cleaning kit – to keep your pump shiny!
  • Comfort insert pad, which I didn’t need to use (and did think it was a sponge until reading the manual)
  • And a really useful “how to” Manual.


Having never used a pump before, I was really impressed by firstly, the whole presentation of the product as it comes with a great deal of accessories and a guide into how to assemble, maintain and use the Hydromax X30 pump. On my first use, I must admit to being a little weird-ed out by the whole thing, but once I got going it didn’t feel too bad. A few pumps and you can really tell the difference in width and after the recommended 15 minutes I could see the difference in length too, not massively but this is only my first use. The feeling is rather nice having hot water being flowed around your penis and can get you in the mood rather quickly. At the next use, I felt much more at ease with the X30 and began to see how far I could go. Using it a little more than I had the first time, and pumping much harder, the results were pretty much instant, making my penis much wider. Using the measuring gauge, I could really see how much it had grown. The pump, for me, didn’t really make much difference to how long I could last in bed. It is only the second time I’ve given it a try, however, so there’s still time to see better results. It does say that to get the best out of your pump you should use it everyday for 15 minutes at a time, so it’s still early days! I will update this review with more information when I’ve used it a bit longer!


Just a quick update from my last review on the Hydromax Bathmate X30, its been over 3 week now and I thought it best to post on how things are going/growing. Firstly I must fully admit that in the first week and a half of using the X30 I was like a kid with a new toy. Using it nearly everyday to see how far I could go with. The results were noticeable not only to me but to my other half too. After the second week it become more of an extra thing to do in the day sort of like attending the gym. Some days your feel pumped (no pun intended), others well you simply can not be bothered. Although even missing days hasn’t seemed to affect the size.

So how much size difference is there? Actually a fair bit! I feel it’s more width than it is length but it does work even when missing days. Personally I feel that the X30 doesn’t have to be used everyday, maybe for best results but I can’t imagine it creating much difference. I will say that the more I’ve used it the more my sex drive has increased pretty much after every use I get in the mood!

Next steps? Well I think I will try and use it for a solid two weeks straight to see if their is a benefit in using it everyday for 15 minutes.  


It has been almost a month and half since my first review on the Hydromax X30. I remember when first using the Bathmate I read up that results really begin to show in the first 5 weeks (after using it everyday for 15 minutes). I’m not sure thats right though because it’s worked pretty much from the first week.

Size wise things have gotten more wider than lengthy, which isn’t bad. I was never in it for the length (as mine is cool as it is, no really it fine, the size doesn’t bother me at all…. OK! OK! it’s tiny! Or it was). I ‘ve been keeping track of the size using the measuring gauge that comes with the X30 and seen a larger increase in width than length, but even then the length has still improved by about 1 inch!

I have to stress this again! I’ve not been using this pump everyday (maybe 5 times a week for about 10 to 15 minutes) and the results are still quite impressive (not boosting or anything). I think that if you’re thinking of buying then don’t be put off by the statements on the web about for best results use everyday.


I’ve just read a great article on the Jo Divine website about the Bathmate Penis pump from a woman’s perspective. Be sure to have a read 🙂


  1. Be sure to read the whole guide provided before using the pump, if in doubt visit the Bathmate website for video guides.
  2. Make sure you buy the right pump size for you. You don’t want to go too small or too large.
  3. Don’t go over the 15 min recommended usage time.

OveraLl rating

Being a newbie to Hydromax X30 (and all other penis pumps) I must say that I’m impressed by the first results and would recommended to anyone out there looking for a good quality pump at a reasonable price. Most importantly don’t be put off by the “for advanced pump users” tag on the site as I got to grip with this pretty fast and felt it was so easy to use. I’d give the Bathmate X30 7/10 mainly for its ease of use, amount and quality of the accessories and quick and noticeable results.

Rating 7/10 

Where to buy

Directly from Hydromax – £99
Jo Divine – £189.99
Lovehoney US – $299.99
Lovehone UK – £189.99


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