We were excited to find out about UK based Hot Octopuss and their first sex toy creation called PULSE!

The PULSE is a sex toy which can also be used as a male masturbator for solo play or as a couple.

The PULSE is a dual stimulator with its top half being winged to perfectly fit the penis in (whether flaccid or erect). This toy uniquely stimulates the most sensitive area of the penis the frenulum (the “string” that attaches your foreskin to the head of the penis).

The bottom half of the toy is ribbed and also vibrates to add pleasure to your partner (perfect for foreplay or a select few sexual positions).


The PULSE uses patented technology called “PulsePlate“, this looks like it can be found on the male side of the toy (ace for Mr. A). The PulsePlate technology delivers a high-amplitude oscillations (rather than low-amplitude vibrations) to the frenulum. This type of oscillation has been scientifically proven to result in deep powerful orgasms for the man and is something that’s not currently used in male sex toys.


On first look of this toy we can’t wait to get our hands on it. The design of the toy, the companies website and the model they have used for promo shots screams out to the alternative/edgy indie male market.

If the toy works as well as it looks and sounds we can see great things happening with this company!
The PULSE is now out and we were lucky enough to get our hands on it on launch day. Read our review to see what we thought.

The PULSE review