Review: Pulse – The worlds first ‘Guybrator’

Published: Thursday, Nov 14

The Pulse is a revolutionary new male vibrator that uses a unique oscillating technology to create a unique, intense experience for the user. The PULSE is made from skin-safe silicone and is free from Latex and Phthalates.

The oscillating technology is unique (and founded on medical research) to PULSE and has been patented across the world meaning there wont be any other toy the can create this unique sensation. The toy’s “heart” is the PulsePlate that “pulses” and stimulates the most sensitive area of the penis, the frenulum (the bit that connects your foreskin to the head of your penis).

The expanding wings on the toy wrap around the penis securing it in place making it hands free (something you don’t get with male sex toys). Unusually the PULSE can be used from flaccid or erect and with or without lubrication (water-based) making the PULSE very versatile.

The PULSE also boasts dual-stimulation as the base of the toy also vibrates, meaning pleasure for your loved one at the same time or as a massager just for her during foreplay. Above you’ll see the recommended uses for the PULSE.

In the box you get a set of instructions with recommended usages, the PULSE itself and a USB charger.

Recommended Positions


I’ve been looking forward to this toy since we found out about the PULSE back in May. I had the product delivered to work and all I could think about was using it that night at home. The day seemed to drag like hell but finally it was 5.30 and I could run to the train station and catch the next train home. Why was I so excited about this toy? It’s unique, it’s hands free and it’s a different way of me climaxing without using a stroking motion on my penis.

As soon as I got home I ripped off the parcel paper and bubble wrap and admired the very cool masculine packaging. I really like the branding Hot Octopuss have come up with, as it’s cool and “indie”. The logo and photos have a tattoo theme going on and it works. Trying to maintain the packaging’s appearance (so I could take the photos you see above) I gently opened the box and took out the plastic holder and caught my first glimpse of the PULSE. The toys shape reminds me a bit of the Daft Punk helmet crossed with an Alien from Aliens.

The top of the toy (where your penis goes) is a nice soft silicone with the base being made of plastic. The wings that wrap around the penis are flexible meaning the toy should accommodate all penis sizes and “secure” you in place making it hands free. At the base of the toy there are three ribs that will add to the sensation if you slightly stroke the toy up and down your shaft. The main piece of the PULSE is crowned to show it’s the thing that makes this toy unique and sets it apart from the others. On the right of the toy is a + button which you press to begin the vibrations, pressing it again increases the intensity of the oscillations. There are 9 intensity settings in total meaning this toy can be cranked up to the max and really blow your head off.

Daft Punk meets the Alien
The crown...the PulsePlate

On first try of this toy I wanted to use it from flaccid and not use any lube to see how it felt. I started on the lowest setting and placed my flaccid penis inside. The PulsePlate took a matter of seconds to arouse me into a full erection. I was still holding onto the PULSE at this point because I wasn’t 100% sure if it’d stay on with the wings. I stood up and let go and low and behold the PULSE stayed wrapped around my penis. I was ready for a little more power so I increased the intensity of the oscillations and bloody hell it felt good! The unique feeling of having the top of my penis being pleasured without actually having to move the PULSE was great.

I was sceptical at first thinking I wouldn’t be able to climax without stroking the toy up and down…I was wrong. In fact I think the PULSE is the only toy I’ve tested that’s caught me off guard and I’ve climax in such a short space of time. I’m putting this down to it being a new unique sensation, but it left me wanting more!

Later on the same night I wanted to use it again but with Miss K to see how effective it was as a couples toy. Miss K sat on top of me while I was wearing the PULSE. The pressure of Miss K sat on top of PULSE meant the vibrations felt more intense and spread from my penis to around the groin, this added extra sensation to our fun. That and the fact Miss K seemed to be really enjoying the PULSE meant our session was sexy and intense. Our fun ended when we both climaxed at the same time….hands free using nothing but the PULSE…something that’s very new to us both.

In terms of intensity the PulsePlate is amazing and the toe-curling climax is something I want again NOW!

The only thing I’d love the PULSE to be is waterproof; I can imagine the ability of using this toy in the shower to be a huge added bonus.

I can’t recommend this toy enough and it’ll be my new go to toy from now on.


When Mr A first mentioned this toy I was expecting some sort of male masturbator much like the ones we’ve come across before. I really enjoy pleasing my man and enjoy using things on him, so I was looking forward to using it and thought I knew what to expect. I was very wrong! I could see the excitement in his eyes as he explained he’d already used it when I got home from work. It was s great thing to see, my other half being so thrilled with a toy, so I kissed him and joined his excitement that immediately calmed me down after a busy day and took my mind off work and back to us!

Already a positive influence on our relationship, I now had high expectations but was still sceptical that the toy would do anything for me. But that’s fine; I like watching his reaction to male toys so I still wanted to see what happened. By the time we got round to using it later in the night, I had to be slightly persuaded as I was tired, but I’m really glad he persuaded me!!

Even without being aroused, the PULSE fit on his penis and sat there vibrating, and we watched as it brought him to life, which didn’t take long at all! Intrigued, I sat naked on top of him and enjoyed the vibrations on the topside of the unit. I noticed at first it was quite noisy, especially when your bodies get close. The unit itself didn’t dig in or hurt in-between us though, which impressed me.  I moved the vibrator to the right spot and relaxed into it and the noise really didn’t matter at all! After a while he turned up the vibrations and neither of us lasted long!! The vibrations were amazing, just right for me and very obviously intense for him!

The experience was really intense, sensual and intimate, we climaxed at the same time and both of us were satisfied and quite blown-away by the experience. We loved how intimate it felt even though we weren’t actually having sex. Such a different experience for us that we will definitely be trying again. Downsides to this toy are that it isn’t waterproof and I was disappointed to see there is no storage bag to keep the toy free from dust or stored in a small space. But to be fair we will just make space for this toy, the downsides don’t take away from it at all and it gets full marks from me for experience and it’s a male toy!!

A Few Tips

  • Use the PULSE with lube and stroke it up and down your penis
  • Using the PULSE without lube will create an intense sensation like no other
  • The PULSE is ideal for couples masturbation, both partners won’t feel left out!
  • Don’t use in the shower or wash with water! Not waterproof! (Although we wish it was!)

OveraLl rating

Overall, we absolutely love this toy! Unique, hands-free sensations and intense, intimate vibrations as both a masturbator and for use as a couple! Without a doubt worth the money and a brilliant addition to any sex toy collection, this male toy really stands out above the rest!

Rating 10/10 

Where to buy

There are a number of different Pulses available to buy from Hot Octopuss depending on you’re needs.

Pulse Solo Lux – £129 – Comes with a wireless watch controller
Pulse Duo Lux – £169 – Couples version of the above
Pulse Solo Essential  – £89
Pulse Duo (As Reviewed) – £119 – Couples version of the above


  1. Martha

    I bought one for my boyfriend and he really took to it. I’ve always had toys of my own, most women do, and so I wanted him to have one of his own to experience. I wanted him to enjoy himself more and we both wanted him to increase his ejaculates. I strapped it onto him and, together, we experimented with it. We were both very surprised at how erect it kept him and the intense, prolonged pleasure it gave him as it is strapped onto his erection and continues stimulating his head and shaft regardless of what else he may be doing with his hands.
    He agreed to start using it when he masturbated and let me know how it went. Unlike myself, he never considered himself much of a masturbator before but not anymore. It’s also improved our sex together.

  2. Trevor

    My Pulse has been awesome, not like any other toy I’ve tried. Wanted to increase the number of ejaculations I enjoy each week… more for health than pleasure really. Pulse makes and keeps my erections hard and head plump and makes masturbation so much more convenient and fulfilling- a real joy.
    I exceeded my weekly goal by far. One great feature I had not expected is that it grips well, remains on and working well without hands. Leaves both my hands free to keyboard while surfing and chatting online until I cum. Once you try it you won’t stop.



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