The JBoa by Velv’Or is an adjustable cock ring designed to give you a rock hard penis. Tightening this cock ring around the base of your penis restricts blood flow when you’re erect, which in turn prolongs your erection. The JBoa is a one size fits all cock ring suitable for all penis sizes.

The JBoa is designed to be comfortable while wearing and can make your penis feel more sensitive and bigger. The JBoa is made out of a high quality silicone (FDA approved) and is tightened by adjusting the hand finished stainless steel cylinder. The Velv’Or JBoa measures approximately 10cm in length (when looped) and has a 1.5cm toggle.

The JBoa is  currently available in Metallic Black.

Jboa Cockring

Beautifully simple.


How to Wear

Before you use the Velv’Or JBoa you need to have an erection.

– Once erect stretch the silicone so that the loop is large enough to fit around the shaft of your penis without pinching the skin

– Place the loop over the penis and move it along the shaft so that it is positioned at the base and is as close to the body as possible

– When in place, hold the stainless steel cylinder and pull the silicone ends so that the slack of the loop passes through the cylinder and the loop tightens around the shaft of the penis

– For maximum comfort, it is recommended you ensure the loose silicone ends hang underneath the penis

– Once in place and held securely, you can enjoy the Velv’Or JBoa during sex or foreplay for up to 30 minutes


Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

What he says

After having tried the JNaja by Velv’Or, I was very much looking forward to reviewing the JBoa. The JNaja being a 3d printed cock ring you could wear all day, I was interested to see how their normal cock ring would compare.

Firstly the packaging is very tasteful and minimal, the packaging is exactly what is needed for this product and I like this because there’s nothing wasted. After using the cock ring you can simple put it back in it’s container. The contained is metallic and reminds me of a cigar case. The instructions for the cock ring initially come wrapped around the ‘cigar case’, be sure to read these before use.

Above we’ve included the how to wear instructions, one of my tips would be to put a tiny bit of lube above and below the toggle to allow the toggle to be adjusted quickly. The JBoa is easy to put onto your erect penis, slide it down to the base of your penis and tighten the toggle until your happy with the tightness. As mentioned in the safety info in the intro, you know your body and know you when it’s too tight. The JBoa’s toggle means you can get this cock ring as tight as you want. Once I’d put it on and tightened it was obvious straight away this cock ring does what it’s design to do. My penis looked harder and pumped up full of blood, something which appealed to Miss K straight away.

During intercourse the JBoa doesn’t get in the way at all, which is great because sometimes cock rings have extra bits for her pleasure, but they end up distracting the pleasure for him. This isn’t the case with the JBoa cock ring. The tightness of the JBoa meant I seemed to last a lot longer which meant Miss K had a great time 🙂

After use the cock ring is easy to take off, all you need to do is loosen the toggle and slide it off your penis. If you used lube to tighten it easily you just need to run it under the tap to clean and then you’re done. Put it in the storage case ready for the next time you want a marathon session.

Overall I really like the JBoa cockring, it looks stylish and is well designed. It’s easy to use and the results are clear. What I will say is I’d recommend you trim your pubic bush before using the cock ring as you’ll probably find hairs getting caught in the cock ring. Also don’t get carried away when tightening the JBoa as no body likes their penis nipping!


The JBoa Packaging

The JBoa Packaging


What she says

I wasn’t sure what to think about this cock ring, it looks very simple but sexy with its bondage-type look. You might think it won’t do anything to your sex life, but actually it gives him real confidence and stamina throughout a steamy session. I found it incredibly sexy to see his penis throbbing, hard in front of me. He definitely lasted longer, which meant I got a real treat with the JBoa.

It’s a stylish, quality yet simple sex toy. Perhaps a bit on the pricey side but it is made out of sturdy, quality material so will no doubt last a long time. I really enjoyed the effect this had on our sex lift and this is definitely one of those toys that will come out to play frequently.

Jboa - Strong but Stretchy

Strong but Stretchy. Will fit all sizes.



  • Use lube above and below the toggle to make it easier to tighten and loosen up
  • Trim your man bush to ensure you don’t get any stray hairs trapped in the JBoa (because that’ll bloody hurt!)
  • Although recommended around the base of the penis, try getting it around the base of your penis and balls for a different sensation
  • Know you’re limits, don’t wear the ring for over 30 mins

Where to buy

The JBoa is available from:

Uberkinky – £24.99

Vel’Or Shop – £22.33


Overall the JBoa is a great premium cock ring. At around £25 it may seem pricey but the quality of this Cock ring will ensure it lasts a long time! It’s easy to use and really does help keep you harder for longer. The cigar shaped packaging means you can sure this toy away easily or even take it on holiday with you. We’d recommend if for any couple looking for a good quality cock ring.

We give this 8/10