The new LELO PINO was sent to us by LELO in return for an honest and detailed review. The PINO is a brand new venture, where LELO have listened to their survey and sales to find that bankers and those in the financial world seek more stimulation and release from their highly stressful jobs, than any other profession.

This vibrating couples ring promises a design that will satisfy. The luxury toy is made from body-safe, phthalate-free, FDA approved, smooth silicone. With 10 vibration patterns and speeds, the eco-friendly Li-ion battery gives 2 hours of pleasure with 2 hours of charge via USB.



Waterproof and designed to be worn in any position, the PINO can be incorporated into any adventure, in any room. Meaning this is so much more than just a toy, this enhances your ability to share pleasure. With the vibrator to the base of the penis, point downward for doggy-style positions and up for face-to-face stimulation.


PINO Presentation

Contents: Pino, with user manual, warranty, satin storage pouch, USB charger,  personal massager cuff links and money clip.


LELO’s PINO Contents

What he says

Having really enjoyed using the LELO Tor and giving it an 9/10 in our review, I was very much looking forward to using the LELO Pino. The Pino is LELO’s newest cock ring, unusually specifically targeting Bankers? Odd, but they’ve found a niche market to target based on their sex surveys earlier this year.

The packaging of the Pino is brilliant, I love the level of detail they’ve gone with this product. The box is very premium with it’s sleeve containing a sexy repeating pattern on the inside of it. When you take of the sleeve you see a nice striped box which reminds me of suit pants, and what looks like a shirt collar with LELO cufflinks on. Lovely idea to really show who they’re targeting, but I’m not sure if I was a banker I’d wear the cufflinks myself…but you never know. Along with the cufflinks you also get the toy itself and a money clip.

The cock ring is in a matte black finish and is a very unusual shape, designed to “satisfy near-excessive demands for pleasure”. What I like about the Pino (and the Tor) is that it’s rechargeable meaning you don’t need to buy new batteries.



On first use of the toy I used a little bit of lube to allow the cock ring to slide with ease onto my penis and to the base of it. The ring itself is very tight but not uncomfortable, meaning the cock ring can do it’s job and keep an erection harder and for longer.

I turned the cock ring on using the button on it’s side. Unlike the Tor the Pino has 10 different vibration settings. Like the Tor this cock ring really does pack a punch and the vibrations travel along your erection for extra pleasure during sex.

Once on myself and Miss K got intimate, the shape of the Pino meant Miss K was getting extra clitoral stimulation while also feeling the effects of the vibration going along my penis. It took a bit of getting used to because the Pino is a bit bulkier than I’m used to and meant I couldn’t get as close to Miss K as I normally like to.

After climaxing the cock ring was easy to take off as there was a little bit of lube still around the ring. The whole experience was good, but because I like to get close to Miss K, I’d say the Tor is more the cock ring for me.

The Pino is 100% waterproof which means you can use it to have fun in the shower, but also means it’s really easy to clean.



I think next steps with this cock ring is for myself and Miss K to experiment with different positions to see which works the best for us with the Pino.

What she says

I’m not entirely sure about the way this toy is presented. While I think it’s very clever and smart, it could alienate a lot of men interested in this toy. For example, Mr A isn’t in that kind of business, and while I’m up for aiming toys towards men in aid to please their women, does it really need to be aimed towards ‘bankers’ with cufflinks and a money clip? Hmm. Saying that, it’s LELO and it’s great they’re wanting to personalise and aim their toys to specific clients.

The product itself is really well presented. It’s smart and fun and Mr A was impressed, with him being the ‘owner’ that’s the main thing. The toy itself is quite bulky, but soft, smart and very powerful. I was excited to see how this would hold up in the bedroom, particularly with me being a big fan of the LELO TOR 2. I wanted to see how it compared.

I really did enjoy the PINO. It was a really powerful and satisfying vibration that fit between us perfectly. It was a little bulky, and I do prefer the TOR 2 for face-to-face positions. Saying that, I do want to give this toy another chance and use in a few different positions. Maybe this would be a toy for those that like to change it up a lot during their passionate time, but myself and Mr A tend to go for whatever works at the time and then concentrate on each other. It definitely added to our session! But I still prefer the TOR 2!


  • Try different positions with the PINO above and then below his penis,
  • Try having some fun in the bath or shower,
  • Wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap,
  • Use with a bit of water-based lube.

Where to buy



We give this 7/10 ! It’s a great toy with amazing presentation, but maybe we just don’t quite get it because we’re not bankers??