Review: Handy™ Male Masturbator

Published: Tuesday, Nov 09

The Handy is “the most advanced sex toy ever created”, guaranteed to give you a mind-blowing orgasm.

Think a masturbator sleeve attached to a turbocharged robotic arm that really wants to see you climax and quickly…then you’ve kind of got the Handy.

The Handy is a cool “smart” masturbator that not only boasts 600 strokes per minute but can also be connected via WiFi to allow for your partner to control it (wherever they are in the world) or connected to various other community created “tools”.

Handy - Plugged in
Handy - What's in the box

Features in a nutshell

  • You’re in control, choose the speed (0-10 strokes per second) and the length (up to 11cm).
  • A toe tingling 600 strokes per minute.
  • It connects to WiFi, so you can sync it with VR, Remote Control or Porn Videos through
  • It can be remote-controlled, perfect for distance relationships and foreplays to spice up your relationship
  • Compatible with other sleeves
  • One size fits all masturbator sleeve
  • SUPER easy to clean after use. 
  • A lifetime of software updates, no matter when the product was bought.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the diameter of the sleeve?

The sleeve diameter is from 0.5″ – 3″ (1-7cm) 22-90mm

How does the Handy sync up with video content?

The Handy can sync up with any video which has an accompanying script file that allows the Handy to recreate the movements on screen. There are free scripts available made by other users in the Handy community, but Handy also has a growing list of content partners that provide thousands of high-quality sync-ready videos, including SexLikeReal, Czech VR, Feel X Videos and The Jerk Off Games. The Handy can sync up with any video which has an accompanying script file that allows the Handy to recreate the movements on screen. There are free scripts available made by other users in the Handy community, but we also have a growing list of content partners that provide thousands of high-quality sync-ready videos, including SexLikeReal, Czech VR, Feel X Videos and The Jerk Off Games.

What lube should I use with the sleeve?

Water-proof lubricant should be used with the sleeve. You’ll need lube too, make sure you don’t try it without…it’ll hurt!

Is the Handy waterproof?

No, it’s not, unfortunately. The Handy is mains operated (to get that crazy 600 strokes per min). A wet environment is a health hazard and can result in fatal electric shock, so keep it in a dry environment! 

Can you attach other sleeves like a Fleshlight?

So far only small fleshlights can be attached (like the Pilot). Handy™ are in the process of creating an add-on that can be attached. 

Is it simple to return the Handy if I decide it's not for me?

Yes! Simply contact Handy on [email protected] within the 30 day trial period (starts from the day you receive your Handy) to organise your return and refund. The Handy must be returned in the original box.

The Community

HandyFeeling is a community full of things you can use in conjunction with your Handy. Several different video partners allow the Handy to sync with their porn videos (some Free). Community showcase features 3D printed attachments such as hands-free mounts and sleeve holders. You’ve also got community-created projects. Now for me, these are the interesting extension to the Handy. There are projects that let you customise your masturbation session, kinky games and “Fap Instructor”. This will grow the more coders that get their hands on a Handy.

The Review

Handy send us the product for free in return for an honest review. They’ve been bloody saints too waiting for this review as life has just got in the way of us using it and reviewing it.

When I learnt about the Handy I was really interested to see what this product had in store for my member. When it arrived it came in nice packaging, the product looks premium with its matt black colour and feels really sturdy. Initially, I was a little disappointed to see it needed to be mains operated, but then when I saw the strokes per minute it can read it kind of has to be.

The Handy works by attaching the TrueGrip  Sleeve provided into a velcro harness (TrueGrip Band). This harness is attached to the mechanical part of the two that moves up and down simulating masturbation. 


For my first use, I unboxed everything, plugged it in, got the masturbating sleeve attached to the velcro mount and whipped off my pants. As I was excited to use it, I was already hard and ready to go. The company say the Handy can be used without lube, but I’m not a fan of friction, especially not on my penis and at that speed, this masturbator can go. After lubing the sleeve up I was ready to go. I put the toy against my pubic bone and sat back on the bed. The arrows on the toy control the speed and the stroke length, so I did what most people would do…cranked it up to the max speed and max stroking distance to really test what the product could do. F*CK ME! Literally less than a minute and I was done, they were not lying about the speed the Handy can reach. Once you’ve done you have to quickly hit the power button otherwise it just won’t stop! 

The Clean Up

Once my heartbeat has returned back to normal it was time to clean up. I loosened the velcro mount and took the sleeve out. The sleeve is really easy to clean, I took it to the sink and turned it inside out and washed it out with antibacterial hand soap. Once clean I left it inside out to dry, ready to be used for the next time. 

Second Use

The second time I used the Handy I decided I wouldn’t go 0 to 10 strokes a second instantly. I wanted to experience it a bit longer than 20 seconds and I had the company of Mrs K to encounter it with me. I enjoyed it the first time, but the second was really good. Allowing Mrs K to control the speed and the stroke length helped to build up to an explosive climax. The sleeves texture is really effective in adding to the stroking pleasure. As we gradually built up the speed and stroke length Mrs K decide to see how fast the Handy could go and like the first time, that just sped up the whole pleasurable experience.

Third Times A Charm

I wanted to have a look at what was on the HandyFeeling site. Mrs K was out on a hen do so I thought it was the right time to do so. I tried watching a porn video on the Connect My Handy website. The stroker syncs really well with a video, the videos on there aren’t the best, but it’s free and a good tester to see if one of the premium sites is right for you. 

The stroke speed and length depends on what’s going on in the video, so if the porn star is giving oral, it’ll sync to their movements. 

With the Handy being connected to wifi, I could give Mrs K the code to connect the device to her phone while she’s away. She could pleasure me without being in the room, which I think is really cool and something we will be doing next time we’re apart. 

OveraLl rating

The Handy really is a revolutionary masturbator, whether it’s on its own or used with something the community has created it’s a really fun, pleasurable masturbator. If anything for me it’s a little bit too successful at making me climax and quick. I think the more I use it the more my manhood would get used to the intense stroking 

At £170 it’s not bad at all, this really is a clever product. The lifetime updates and the ever-increasing community additions really make this product worth its money. What’s more, Handy offer a 14 day no questions asked return policy, so if it’s not for you when you first try it, the option is there to send it back. Honestly, you won’t want to.

Rating: IT’S A 9.5 OUT OF TEN FOR ME. The only negative for me is the fact it’s mains connected!

Where to buy

The Handy can be bought directly from their website for €199


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