Pump Worx – A review by a Penis Pump virgin

Published: Saturday, Feb 23

The guys at US based sex toy store Adult Sensation sent us the Pump Worx Rock Hard Penis Pump (by pipedream) to test and review. Having never used or even thought about using a penis pump this was quite an interesting product for me to review. As this review isn’t really one that Miss K need’s to have much input in, I’ll write it a little differently.

What is a penis pump?

All guys have different penis shapes and sizes, no matter what size you are I’m sure most guys have wondered what it would be like to have slightly bigger one. There have been so many tv programs, articles and blogs about guys who are extremely unhappy with the size of their penis and the drastic methods they take to increase it. Whether it’s surgery, penis pumps, magic pills or creams there are so many different things out there that claim to help. With size having an effect on some guys confidence are penis pumps a way to help solve this?

Penis pumps have been on the market for ages, originally designed to help treat erectile dysfunction. Many guys now use them as part of an enlargement regimen to help add to their length and girth. It is said that with regular usage permanent gains in size can be achieved.

Penis pumps are designed to create a vacuum in the cylinder you put your penis in. When pumping the air pressure in the cylinder decreases forcing blood and body fluids to the penis causing temporary swelling/enlargement.

There are lots of articles and guides out there on the internet for those that are wanting to increase the size of their penis. I could put some of them in this review but I think it’s important you go out and properly research about pumps and whether they are the answer for you.


Having never used a pump before I thought I should go out and do a bit of research before I test the pump itself. There are so many things you need to be mindful of before use; here are some of the things I found:

  • Do not over pump. Especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Don’t get carried away and pump too much or use it for too long (once a day should be plenty).
  • 10 minutes seems to be the recommended time inside the pressurised cylinder
  • Over usage can cause painful blisters and ruptures blood vessels (not something anyone wants)
  • Before use if you’re quite hairy downstairs you’ll need to trim. Pubic hair can affect the seal that will be formed around your penis and the cylinder.
  • Stimulate blood flow before using your pump to ensure you’re not overworking your penis


So as I’ve mentioned above I’m a total beginner with a penis pump and made sure I did my research before using the Pump Worx Rock Hard Penis Pump. The cylinder is 8″ in length and 3″ wide. It boasts a high intensity super suction and high performance pump trigger. As standard with most penis pumps it also has a quick-release valve for safety. This pump also come with a free cock ring, lube, penis thickening cream and toy cleaner.  

    I think this pump is probably more targeting the more advanced pump users. I say this because a lot of pump users recommend you don’t go over 5hg pressure.  The Pump Worx Rock Hard Penis Pump doesn’t have a pressure gauge so you’ve no idea what the pressure is in the cylinder. This made me feel a bit uneasy. I was also a little disappointed that there were no actual safety instructions inside the box. The only safety message there is is on the base of the box. If it wasn’t for being able to find this information on the Internet I think I’d of passed on using the pump at all. The packaging of the toy is very masculine and clear who it’s aimed at and it’s purpose and features. The pump comes in two parts but is very easy to put together. It feels well made and easy to use.

    Once I’d assembled to product I was ready to test it out. I was a bit nervous and unsure how it’d feel at first. I covered semi-erect penis (as recommended on most beginners guides) in lube and pushed it through the flexible PVC opening. The PVC helps form a tight seal between the penis and the cylinder. With a couple of pumps of the valve straight away my penis began to grow bigger and thicker. It’s an unusual sensation, but I wouldn’t say it’s unpleasant. From just a few pumps I could feel the blood rushing to my penis. The handy ruler on the side of the cylinder helps to show you how much bigger it’s grown. It’s a bit addictive seeing how much you can grow, but it’s also very important you don’t get carried away. At one point I think I pumped a little too much and the veins on my penis were bulging and it started to hurt a bit. Luckily the pump has a quick release valve which lets air into the chamber so the pressure is lowered. After 10 minutes of usage, I started to feel extremely aroused and horny. This was helped by the fact Miss K was watching my little experiment. Once unleashed from the cylinder I put my new bigger penis to good use. With the pump, sex seemed to last longer and my penis was certainly felt larger after. All in all it was a good, fun experience. When flaccid the increase in size seemed to last around 4-5 hours is quite impressive. I can understand why people use it as a regimen to permanently increase penis size. Personally, It’s a fun once in a while device to use. I have no interest in using it on a regular basic to permanently increase what I have, as what I have I’m perfectly happy with.


    1. Sounding a bit like a broken record now, but make sure you do your research and look up the correct way to use a penis pump
    2. If you’re wanting to use it to increase the size of your penis long term be prepare to have to use it on a regular basis.
    3. Try using it in the shower
    4. Use a good water based lube like Lubetube to get your penis into the cylinder.
    5. Let your partner pump for you. She’ll love the power.
    6. Slip the cockring provided over the pump and onto the penis to keep in the blood flow.
    7. If you’re over 8″s in size you’ll need a different pump. Be sure to check the cylinder length before buying your pump

    OveraLl rating

    If you have never used a penis pump before I wouldn’t recommend this one. It’s important you look after your body parts and know exactly what you’re doing and because of that I’d recommend a pump with a pressure gauge. This product is fun to use and has some great benefits, but like all penis pumps you need to be mindful of possible health issues. I’d give this pump 5/10, it’s not a product I’d use all the time but it’s well made and does what it says it’ll do. The bonus of a free cockring, lube, penis thickening cream and toy cleaner is a nice added extra, but if I was to use this pump on a regular basis I’d rather it have a pressure gauge.  

    Rating 5/10 

    Where to buy

    The product in this original review is no longer available. An upgraded version of this penis pump can be bought from Lovehoney both in the US and the UK:

    Lovehoney UK – £69.99
    Lovehoney US – $79.99


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