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Published: Thursday, Apr 11

The lovely guys at Innocent SexToys sent us the VërSpanken male masturbator to test. The VërSpanken is an interesting looking toy created by the guys at Big Teaze Toys (creators of the I Rub My Duckie).

Big Teaze Toys say the “VërSpanken is all about YOU. It’s about the pressure you like, it’s about the temperature that feels right, it’s about the texture that keeps you coming back for more

The VërSpanken is made up of an open-ended housing that snaps/locks closed allowing the user to control the pressure of the toy. Held in its housing are two removable inserts known as “Wieners”, two basic foam inserts are include with the main toy and additional types of inserts can be purchased separately.

There are six different insert options available: FoamWieners™ and WaterWieners™ , both available in Smooth (Blue), Bumpy (Green) and Wavy (Purple) textures. With this variety the combinations are endless. The WaterWieners™ can be used at varying temperatures by either warming them or chilling them in the refrigerator. As there are two separate inserts in the VërSpanken, you can combine temperatures, textures and densities (foam or water).

Made of 100% recyclable materials, VërSpanken contains no latex, phthalates, lead or heavy metals. The toy is approximately 9” long and 4” wide.

For more information about the toy watch the quirky video below:

What He Says

I was quite looking forward to getting my hands on the VerSpanken as it seemed an interesting toy to use. When it arrived discretely through the post the box and packaging gave the impression of a fun down to earth product, especially after seeing their light-hearted stick men instructions.

In the box you get two Foam Wieners which attach to the VerSpankens body with a texture that’s quite soft and squishy (to simulate a vagina) and a set of instructions with tips and recommended uses for the toy.

The VerSpanken is quick and easy to use, to open the body up you pull one side down and the other one up. This is to allow you to put your erect penis inbetween the Wieners. Make sure you lube up the Wieners and your penis before using this toy.

The VerSpanken snaps shut over your erect penis to offer a grip similar to that of your hand but without the effort! For those that are blessed and unable to snap the toy shut around your penis it is recommended that you hold it closed with an elastic band.

The VerSpanken once over my erect penis felt quite snug and the softness and flexibility of the Weiners meant it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. In the instructions there are 3 different techniques recommended for when using the toy. The Upwards Curl, The Rocking and Stroking and The Swivel, and of course I found it important to try out all three of these.

Flip Hole Drying stand
Flip Hole Internal Texture

The VerSpanken did it’s job and I was able to climax while using it, but overall it just felt a bit boring. The toy mentions you being able to hold it one handed or two handed (both of which I did) but to be honest it felt a bit clunky to use. To me it feels like the product is missing something. In the instructions it mentions your able to increase or decrease the pressure the toy has over your penis just by the way you grip the body of the toy. This does slightly work but I feel the material the body is made of is a little too inflexible and so the difference between a tight grip and no grip isn’t varied enough. I also think the smooth foam Wieners while nice and comfy around your penis don’t really increase the pleasure given from the toy.

Personally I think this toy is a little too basic for me, but that’s probably because I picked the basic Smooth Foam Wiener pack. I do however think it’d make the perfect beginners toy, that is actually good value for money and is simple and easy to use and then clean afterwards. To clean the toy all you need to do is run both parts under the tap using a little bit of soap.

A great feature I like about this toy is the ability to customise it with additional Wieners. Water Wieners are available to buy separately (stocked by Innocent Sex Toys) and offer the great feature of being able to heat them in the microwave or cool them in the fridge. This is a great way of adding a bit more interest to the product and to help you play around and discover what you enjoy the most. Both the Foam and Water Wieners are available in Smooth (which I tested) and Bumpy and Wavy. I think to spice the toy up a bit more and add more pleasure during use the Bumpy and Wavy Wieners would really help. Maybe had I used the product with the Bumpy or Wavy Water Wieners my opinions of it would be slightly more positive. I also think it’s great that you can mix and match the Wieners so you could have a heated Bumpy Wiener combined with a cool Wavy Wiener and really experiment with the sensations you could receive from this combination.

Unfortunately we were unable to play with it as a couple (see what she says), but I think it would be quite fun, more so if you had a few of the different types of Wieners and let your partner pick the combination and heat of each Wiener.

What She Says

Well Miss K can’t review this product from a female perspective I’m afraid, as we never got round to testing it together. Unfortunately due to me not reading the instructions close enough and also partly because of the confusing messaging on the box I got confused and put the Foam Wiener in the Microwave to see how it’d feel while warm. Once they’d both popped after 10 seconds I quickly read through the instructions again to find that the Wieners provided with this box were infact Foam Wieners and it was only the Water Wieners that were Microwavable! DOH! So I’m sorry about that guys. We’ll try and revisit this review once we’ve been able to test out the Water Wieners as I feel they could be something that makes this toy a bit more impressive that how it currently stands.

Hi, Miss K here, it’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to test this toy with Mr A, but I did get to have a look (before it went pop in the microwave haha!). The concept of this toy seems ergonomic and innovative, with a sense of humour too, which always helps when marketing a male – orientated sex toy. The look of it I’m not really sure about, it’s not brilliantly attractive to look at but then it does look very masculine. I just can’t imagine feeling very sexy when using this with Mr A, and with him not rating it too highly, would I have to put more effort with the treat? I think we’ll try the other Wieners (hah!) and see what combination works best for us.


  • Don’t put the Foam Wieners in the Microwave….they will pop and mean you have to clean the microwave out so Miss K doesn’t tell you off
  • Do experiment with the Water Wieners. These can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the fridge to add to your experience.
  • Mix and Match, see what Wiener combination suits you
  • Lube is a must with this toy
  • Using the toy in the shower will mean you don’t require as much lube as you normally would, and also means you can clean the toy straight away after use.
  • Have fun an experiment with the different techniques recommended in the VerSpanken instructions
  • If you have a partner let them use the toy on you

OveraLl rating

For the VerSpanken with Foam Smooth Wieners we’d give this toy 5/10. It’s too basic for those who are more experienced with male masturbators. We understand why the standard toy doesn’t come with Water Wieners, but feel it would be more of an exciting and pleasurable toy if it did. That being said this toy is ideal for a beginner looking for an affordable, discrete male masturbator.

Rating 5/10 

Where to buy

The VerSpanken can be bought from Jo Divine for £29.99


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