The Dominant Submissive Pleasure Kit was sent to us from the lovely Voluptasse in exchange for an honest review. The kit is made exclusively by NASSTOYS and contains: Leather Blindfold, Hand Cuffs, Penis Leash and Massage Candles.


The packaging…


The contents…

The Pleasure Kit comes in a sturdy cardboard box with every item individually wrapped. The design of the box is simple, with pictures of the kit on the front and a dominatrix figure in the background. On the back there is additional information about each of the items and a diagram of how the Penis Leash is used. The kit is phthalates free and CE marked.


Steel Cuffs


Leather Blindfold

The Penis Leash is a nylon strap, with a loop to tighten around the penis and balls and an adjustable length to either tie around the wearer or be used as a leash. Made from very sturdy black material this is a simple, but effective product to be used on its own or with the rest of the kit.


Nylon Leash


Massage Candles

The leather blindfold is a shaped eye mask, with leather material to one side and silky cushioning to the other. Two elastic straps hold the blindfold neatly and delicately over your face, while your lover teases. A great addition to any toy box, this comfortable blindfold leaves every spank, tickle and tease a surprise, and heightens your senses to leave your skin tingling. The silver steel hand cuffs come with two keys and are sturdy and heavy enough to feel like real restraint, without being too uncomfortable. The cuffs have a safety release to ensure you can’t get stuck and are adjustable to any wrist size. Hand cuffs are again a great addition to any toy box and can be used on their own or with the rest of the kit. Finally, are two body wax massage candles. These paraffin candles are in sexy purple and pink glossy colours and melt easily so you’re able to drip the warm wax onto your lovers skin. The wax is spreadable for massage and can be dripped all over your skin for warm sensations to tease and tantalise your entire body.


Melting the Candles

Used together, this kit is a great combination of restraint and tease of the senses. It can be as gentle and as intense as you like and can be used in conjunction with other sex toys you own.

What she says

When we first received the kit, I was really intrigued by the fact that it included a penis leash!!! The design of the box and quality on the whole is quite low-budget, but there’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to additional pieces like this. They’re the kind of items you can use and abuse many times, and then replace when you want to. Handcuffs and blindfold are quite generic, but massage candles and penis leash are what really make this kit interesting. I’m not a fan of metal handcuffs, but I was willing to give them a go! The blindfold is really soft yet looks seductive with the leather side so I felt quite impressed with that. The leash initially looked like an adjustable length of nylon and loops – something to figure out later with Mr A! The candles I was excited about- not the colour I’d choose but this didn’t bother me too much. Now to try out these on Mr A! I had a few ideas of how to use this on him… I attached him to our bed using the steel cuffs. They’re really easy to use as most are, and are cold and heavy against the skin, but he seemed to like that. They’re sturdy, which worked for us, but at the end of his treat had marked him a bit. I asked him to use the Spank Ties on me, as I didn’t really want the cold cuffs on me at the time. The blindfold was both easy to attach to another person and really comfortable to wear. I could peek a little bit and Mr A peeked a few times I think, but when wearing it properly and not cheating they completely covered my sight. They also didn’t feel too tight on my head, which really made you forget about them and just enjoy the pleasure. The penis leash was really hilarious at first, but when we secured it around his balls and it became quite seductive, like a cock ring with an extension lead so I could tug lightly and tease. I’ll let him tell you more about this experience. The massage candles, to be completely honest we didn’t realise could be used for massage! I lit one and carefully dripped it across his chest, blowing out the candle when enough had been melted. It really does melt quickly! The heat seemed to shock him at first but when he’d got used to it we got a little bit more adventurous with it, covering his chest and hips! The wax dried as quickly as it melted, though, so not sure we’d recommend for massage! I had real fun peeling off the wax though afterwards! After a tease for him, it was my turn, where we used the Spank Ties to restrain, the blindfold from the pack, a Feather Tickler and a massage candle. This combination was quite amazing, and definitely worked for me!!

What he says

Having only been doing Xtra Curricular for a year now, there’s still lots of things we’re yet to try and experiment with. Our first bondage kit we ever tried was the 50 Shades of Grey Beginners bondage kit, in comparison to the Dominant Submissive Pleasure Kit I thought the 50 Shades kit was a “softer” version of what we were about to review. The Dominant Submissive Pleasure kit on first look might seem a little cheaper with its packaging and box graphics, but the contents are of a good quality and “grittier” than what we’ve tried in the past. The cold steal handcuffs and leather eye mask scream dominatrix and got me excited thinking about what Miss K would do with a kit like this. The quality of them both is to a high standard and ideal for anyone’s bondage kit. The penis leash although a funny idea at first could be used for some fun foreplay and really allow Miss K to take control of intimate situations. There’s two ways the penis leash can be worn, first as an actual leash where your other half can pull you around the room. Secondly the leash can be worn around the guys waste as a sort of fabric cock ring. I really liked the idea of the leash but did find at times it was a little uncomfortable because of the material it was made from. Finally the “massage” candles, I was probably the most looking forward to using these as they intrigued me and I wanted to know how the wax would feel on my skin. I had lots of fun using this kit for the first time. We attached the lead and Miss K cuffed me to the bed and put the blindfold on me. There’s something about removing the ability to see, touch and hold your partner during foreplay that really turns me on. Not knowing what is coming next really makes you focus on your other senses. While bound to the bed I could hear Miss K go into our special cupboard and route around in one of the holders we store all our toys in. Not knowing whether to expect the Wartenberg pinwheel or the spank paddle was unbearable and exciting! It turns out with was the feather tickler, and although as you may have read in a few of our other posts, I HATE BEING TICKLED! But with the feather tickler it’s a pleasurable sensation rather than an unbearable one. Next came the hot wax, at first I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not, but the more Miss K dripped the wax onto me the more I got used to the sensation and started to enjoy it. To the stage where I was actually allowing her to drip the wax closer and closer to my private parts, until finally ON THEM!! Then with a smile she took the eye mask off me and said “my turn”….the bitch! Anyway, all in all I highly recommend this kit and enjoyed using it. I think it’s great for both beginners and couples wanting to add a bit more kink to their basic sets.


  • Use the steel cuffs safely, making sure they’re comfortable on the wearer.
  • Be careful not to cut off the circulation with the penis leash!
  • Introduce any other toys you feel like with this kit!
  • Light the candle with a protective surface underneath and blow out when enough wax is created, use a sheet or towel underneath to stop bedsheets getting ruined.

Where to buy

Voluptasse – £25.99


This is a really versatile kit, any of your existing toys will add to the fun! A great kit for beginners and experienced alike, due to the range of items within the kit- the cuffs and blindfold are the more generic while the penis leash and candles make for a more kinky playtime. 7/10