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Published: Monday, May 27

The lovely guys at Uberkinky offered to send us a product in return for a review, here is our review of their Wartenberg Pinwheel.

One of the more fetish sex toys we’ve reviewed, is this single-wheel pinwheel which can be used in fetish/medical play to enhance sensation. Originally made by Dr Wartenberg to test nerve reactions, this clever little device can be used with different pressures to obtain either tickles across the skin or inflict pain on those naughty enough to deserve it. It can also be scraped along to feel like claws and used on any part of the body. This stainless steel, very medical looking toy is, as described, for those with passion for BDSM and CBT.

This toy comes in a small plastic sleeve, has grooves in the stainless steel handle for grip, and the spikes are blunt enough to touch but do feel sharp. The wheel turns very easily, helping the spikes to glide across the skin. For a tickle effect, there is hardly any effort required to use this toy, as it glides across easily and the pressure can be adjusted for a more painful response. The pain is only under the pressure, and stops immediately when the toy is withdrawn from the skin. The spikes do not cut the skin but can mark a little, and this toy must be used with a safe-word and with agreement of how gentle or painful you would like the pressures to be.

What He says

Being quite new to BDSM, and being given the opportunity to select a product from the UberKinky reviewers list, we thought we’d pick the safest sounding products. Having experimented with beginners bondage kits we thought the Pinwheel would be an ideal step up to see how we feel about sensory play.

UberKinky dispatched the pinwheel extremely quickly and in discreet small packaging. At first glance of the pinwheel it looks very clinical, clean and kinky! The spikes look extremely sharp, which worried me straight away (I didn’t want to become a human colander) , but once I’d run it along my arm I was put at ease. The sensation is quite an interesting prickly sensation which fades instantly when the pinwheel moves.

It was Miss K’s suggestion to tie me up, blind fold me and use the Pinwheel while teasing me with a bit of pleasure and pain. The introduction of the pinwheel made things even more interesting, but I wasn’t 100% sure whether I liked the sensation received through Miss K rolling the pinwheel around my body. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t enjoyable either it was an interesting sensation on less sensitive areas, but a little too sharp on areas such as the hip. Having said that though it did add to the varied mix of being hit with a paddle, ticked and kissed.

What I did enjoy though is when Miss K scrapped the pinwheel along my skin, it felt like being scratched and was a pleasant exciting sensation. Another thing I loved was taking control of the pinwheel and using it on Miss K, although I did get carried away a few teams as it’s quite easy to increase the pressure this toy has on the skin without realising it.

I think this toy is a nice addition to our ever expanding collection, it’s perfect for beginners like us or to anyone whose a fan of sensation play.

What She says

Having some interest, but not being completely into BDSM etc, we found this type of toy intriguing and exciting to try out and review. Checking out the Wartenberg pinwheel was exciting, we both found it quite therapeutic tickling the skin with the spikes up and down our arms, and feeling the difference in sensation as we tried different pressures on ourselves. The pinwheel is made of very clinical looking stainless steel, so appears clean and we could see immediately how this could feature in any medical fantasy. We could also see how this toy could fit in with the use of bondage and spanking to create different sensations and a whole different experience.

We experimented with wheeling the pinwheel on each other to get an idea of the pressure we liked or could deal with and really liked the advice of dragging the wheel on its side to feel like scratching claws. We had a bit of a laugh over using the spikes and that if either of us had been naughty then we’d get pinwheeled !!

To use this toy for the first time I decided to tie Mr A up, blindfold him and give him a little treat. I started with a bit of light spanking and teasing to warm him up and then used the pinwheel by first wheeling it down each limb. He wasn’t sure about the sensation at first but with a bit of pleasure at the same time it seemed to get a response. I added light pressure as it was the first time we’d used it. I dragged the claw down Mr A’s chest and down the thigh which got him going a bit more. I also enjoyed it this way too when I’d switched roles with Mr. A.


  1. Have a safe word.
  2. Agree how lightly the tickles and how hard the pain should be inflicted.
  3. Use with other bondage equipment or fetish fantasy to enjoy the full sensation.
  4. Use it on it’s side for a claw effect.
  5. Be careful!! This toy is sharp!

OveraLl rating

Overall, this toy added a bit of naughtiness into the bedroom, and it’s a great addition to the bondage kit we already have. It was a lot of fun, and because it was something new, it was really exciting and added to the dominance of Miss K’s part in the bedroom, which she loved! We can really see how the pinwheel would be an integral toy in the BDSM lover’s closet, for medical play or light bondage, it really has many uses. Being not so into it ourselves, we didn’t feel like this made a huge difference to our pleasure in the bedroom and although fun, it’s not one of those toys we’ll be using all the time! (Although I will be getting it out when Mr A has been naughty again!)

It’s less than £10 and ideal for beginners and people who enjoy sensation play.

Rating 6/10 

Where to buy

Wartenberg Pinwheel – UberKinky – £8.99

Alternatively view UberKinky’s complete Pinwheels range.




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