Tenga Thunder egg review

Published: Thursday, May 09

We were lucky enough to win the Innocent Sex Toys Easter egg hunt, our prize being the TENGA Thunder Egg.

The TENGA egg range is one of the newest one-use male masturbators by TENGA and is available in 13 different types of internal textures. All eggs in this range are super stretchy and fit for guys of all penis shapes and sizes, stretching up to a 12 inches in length and 6 inches in girth.

To use the egg you simply lube up the hole of the toy and the inside of it using the water-based lube that’s provided. It’s recommended when putting the toy over your penis that you treat the toy like a condom. “To prevent damage, pinch the tip of your TENGA egg before placing it on your penis“. Once the egg is over your penis you or your partner can begin to move the sleeve up and down over the length of your penis. Twisting the toy with your wrist will increase the pleasure you get from the toy and really make the internal textures and ridges work to their full potential.

The TENGA Thunder egg and the rest of this range are perfect for solo play or foreplay before sex.


Firstly the packaging is ace, I like the whole egg concept. In a way the TENGA egg collection are like grown up Kinder Eggs. The overall look and feel of the TENGA Egg is very masculine and lifestyle looking, It reminds me of toiletries packaging and would blend in well in your bathroom cupboard. For a guy this is a good look as it doesn’t scream out sex toy, it’s also extremely small and perfect for taking on business trips or holidays.

Before opening the product I was a bit unsure on how flexible the sleeve would be and in my mind it was going to be too small to stretch the full length of my penis. Once taking off the packaging and opening up the plastic shell and having a touch of the soft, silicone sleeve I could tell how stretchy the TENGA egg was. Inside the egg is a plastic funnel to keep the shape of the toy before use, along with a small sachet (5ml) of TENGA water-based lube.

Miss K wanted to use the TENGA egg with me, which added even more to the excitement of using the product. Miss K started by getting me in the mood and then we put a little bit of lube around the opening of the toy and the rest on the inside. When placing the egg over my penis I made sure I treated it like a condom.

Once wearing the egg I let Miss K take over…and wow the sensation from the internal textures of the egg really added to the pleasure of using this product. The egg fully stretches over the shaft of the penis and with Miss K’s great wrist action it took next to no time to climax. The closer I got to climax I asked Miss K to grip harder onto the egg to further increase the sensation (me being greedy), this unfortunately caused the sleeve break. This didn’t stop me from climaxing but was a bit disappointing as I wouldn’t have minded using it on my own. Luckily the tear in the egg was at the side of the toy so there was no messy cleanup job, a huge bonus of this toy is it’s like a condom where it stores semen after climax so it’s a case of throwing the toy in the bin after use or if you’re wanting to try and use it again cleaning it.

This toy is ideal for anyone interested in exploring male sex toys as it’s very concealable, will come in a small box when delivered and is a brilliant experience that may lead on to you buying more long team male masterbators such as the Monkey Spanker or Fleshlight.


I had no idea to begin with what a TENGA Egg actually was. I was a little disappointed to realise it’s a male toy! Nevertheless, I agreed to try it out on Mr A. I actually like to see the reaction that male masterbators have, it’s a real thrill to see! And I love that I have control over the pressure or the stimulation using the toy.

The TENGA Thunder Egg is really smartly designed, with a clean yet manly look to the packaging. The actual idea is really clever too, a male masterbators in a concealable, travel ready egg, ready to pop open and enjoy! The actual application of the toy looked very easy, much like a condom, and the response while moving the soft silicone up and down and using different pressures and twisting and moving the soft, stretchy material really impressed Mr A. I did get a bit more vigorous and the toy actually snapped,  but this is meant to be a one use toy. I think for the price though, it would be ideal to use used a couple of times as a treat.

Overall, a brilliant experience and obvious that the toy did its job. I think this toy could be really useful to use on Mr A as a bit of extra stimulation when it is his treat; cheap enough to get a few types and try them out for fun, but ideally could be washed out and used again.


  1. Get your moneys worth – If you clean the toy out properly you could get more than one use out of it
  2. It’s good to share – Using it as a couple is a really fun experience, and really turns your partner on
  3. It’s all in the wrist – Don’t forget to twist the toy with your wrist for added pleasure

OveraLl rating

Overall this toy is a great male masturbator which brings on extremely pleasurable climaxes which are different to anything I’ve experienced. For £9.99 it’s not bad at all for a single use item, but if you clean it and aren’t too rough using it you should be able to get more than one use from it.

Rating 8/10 

Where to buy

Lovehoney USA – $12.99
Lovehoney UK – £9.99



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